@softcoder softcoder released this Jan 19, 2014 · 1081 commits to develop since this release

Assets 10


  • Includes many bug fixes reported in the forums since 3.9.0.
  • Backward compatible with 3.9.0.
  • Moved the project from sourceforge.net to github.com and from subversion to git.
  • Better handling of lagging clients in network games.
  • Fixed cmake scripts to correctly detect dependencies that were previously partially working on some distros and improved build support for Mac OS X.
  • Added numerous new LUA functions as documented at wiki.megaglest.org.
  • Code quality improvements as reported by cppcheck and coverity (and clang).
  • Better color picking algorithm thanks to willvarfar makes color picking very stable.
  • Render order improved to allow more transparency effects.
  • Adjustable camera scroll speed.
  • Particle systems can be bound to meshes of models.