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Cross-platform game engine using OpenGL, OpenAL, etc.
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CoreEngine3D - By Jody McAdams

Please read LICENSE.TXT before you do anything. :)  This code cannot be used to create a for-profit product.  It is publicly available as a learning aid and to give users the ability to create their own free mods or games.  Note that a free game that is ad-supported does not count as free.


Keeping it basic for now but this should do!

1) Have Xcode 4.2 installed on OSX Lion
2) Clone this repository
3) Download pugixml and make sure it gets into the InfiniSurv/Libraries/pugixml-1.0 folder
4) Download libpng and make sure it gets into the InfiniSurv/Libraries/lpng156 directory
5) Download and build DDHidLib and place it into the InfiniSurv/Frameworks directory
6) Open the InfiniSurv.xcworkspace file in Xcode, hope you did everything right, and run the project on either iOS or Mac OSX

The main code that would be the most interesting is ""

NOTE: This code is basically useless except for learning unless you have either cloned the InfiniSurv game or my secret game.

Good luck and have fun!

© 2011 Jody McAdams. All rights reserved.
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