A way to quickly load and swap out template packs (or themes) for Django CMS
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A django app that lets you load theme packs that are bundled templates, and select which theme a site should use.


  • django (tested with 1.3)
  • django-cms (tested with 2.2)

Getting Started

To get started simply install using pip:

pip install django-cms-themes

Add 'cms_themes', to your installed apps and syncdb (or migrate, if you have south installed).

Your installed apps should look something like this:


Per the django-cms quickstart guide, you should have a setting in your settings file called PROJECT_PATH that points to the root of your project, i.e. PROJECT_PATH = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__)) If not, it will be assumed that your themes will live just beneath the MEDIA_ROOT.


All usage is done through the admin.

Simply create a new Theme record and upload a theme tarball (tar.gz) file from http://www.djangocmsthemes.com. All templates from themes uploaded should now show up in your Templates drop down on a django cms page.