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The Git aliases that get me to Friday
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My Favorite Git Aliases

In the last few years since switching from SVN to Git, I've picked up a few aliases that have helped me streamline my workflow and be all around more productive. After all, the whole point of shortcuts is to make your life easier right? I'd like to share my aliases with you, however unhelpful they may be.


Download the file gitalias.txt and put it anywhere you want:

curl -O

Edit your file .gitconfig and include gitalias.txt such as:

    path = path/to/gitalias.txt


co = checkout # Shortcut for checkout.
nb = checkout -b # Create a new branch and check it out.
bl = branch -l # List all local branches.
br = branch -r # List all remote branches.
blr = branch -a # Show local and remote branches.
bd = branch -d # Politely ask Git to delete a local branch.
bdf = branch -D # Sternly ask Git to delete a local branch.


fp = fetch -p # Fetch and prune.
sync = !git pull && git push # Pull then push current branch.
mm = !git fetch -p && git merge origin/master #Merge remote master into the current branch.


cm = commit # Shortcut for commit.
cma = commit -a # Commit all tracked.
cmam = commit -a -m # Commit all tracked with message to follow.
runAway = reset --hard # For when you just want it all to go away.
forgetAbout = rm --cached # Make Git forget about a tracked file.


alias = config --get-regexp ^alias\\. # List all aliases.
ec = config --global -e # Open .gitconfig in your default editor.
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