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Welcome to the MegaMek Suite wiki!

We follow our Mission Statement, as per MegaMek and BattleTech.

Our current team members can be viewed here.

Contact us ‐ Social Media and Website locations

General Information

Development Mailing List - A mailing list for receiving emails about commit messages

Milestone Releases - Information and reasoning for the change to the MILESTONE approach

Stable vs. Development (Deprecated) - January

I want to help

What Units does MegaMekLab build and Print

Large Craft in MegaMek, MegaMekLab, and MekHQ

What Can Princess (the Bot) Currently Do?

MegaMek, 2d6, and the Art of Rolling the Dice Without Losing Your Mechs—or Your Mind

User Manual

Java and MegaMek

Issues upgrading from Java 8 (Upgrade loop)

Updating to Adoptium

Known Issues and Workarounds

Weird artifacts Screen Distortions

Increasing Memory (Can help with the bot)

Memory and our software - Information related to setting the proper amount of memory available

Name Issues with Units

Slow Unzipping or Errors Unzipping

Exporting PDFs in MegaMekLab

Clearing the Font Cache

Linux Issues

MekHQ select Campaign Preset box behind splash (Linux specific)

Mac Issues

OSX Issues

How to's

Creating an Issue (Bug Report, Request for Enhancement, Errata)

How do I get Fluff Images to work

How do I get Record Sheets I can use with table top game?

How to join and host a game of MegaMek

Running a Co-op campaign with MekHQ.

Drawing Boards: Advanced Topics

How to join and host a game of MegaMek

Running a Co-op campaign with MekHQ.

Drawing Boards: Advanced Topics

How do I print a MegaMek Map for Tabletop.

Custom Units

How do I add custom units?

How do I add Sprites to Custom Units

How do I add Quirks to Customs Units

How to draw MegaMek Sprites the Deadborder way

How to's - In-game stuff

Plant Demolition Charges with Infantry

Laying Mines with the Fa Shih

Loading Infantry and Battle Armor

Using TAG with Artillery


Developer Information

Developer Expectations

MegaMek Coding Style Guide

Working With Gradle

Adding Language Support to MegaMek

Setting up Development Environments

Complete Development Environment Setup using IntelliJ Idea

Setting Up Multiple Interdependent Projects in IntelliJ IDEA

Importing Projects to Eclipse

Configuring EGit plugin within Eclipse

General Information

Commit Procedures

Creating a Pull Request (PR) as an Outside Contributor

Unit Testing And Writing Unit Tests

About Unit Tests

Running Unit Tests

Writing Unit Tests

Release Engineer Process

Release Creation Procedure

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