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@neoancient neoancient released this Mar 24, 2019 · 107 commits to master since this release

v0.45.4 (2019-03-24 1700 UTC)

  • Fixed vehicle and aero slot calculations for patchwork armor.
  • Issue #202: Clan Improved Autocannon 20 has no standard ammunition
  • Issue #249: Warship Validation error
  • Issue #247: Patchwork Armour Broken on Vehicles
  • Issue #250: Armouring Split Components Shows and Counts Incorrect Tonnage
  • Issue #254: Second Printed Vee Name in All Caps
  • Issue #252: Heat Sink pips not printing properly
  • Issue #260: Some issue to allocate the components of LAM
  • Issue #261: LAM's motive type doesn't change the weight of its conversion equipment.
  • Issue #7: Pilot name printing on RSs
  • Issue #271: Bug of interaction with Partial Wing, Improved Jump Jet and Hardened Armor
  • PR #262: Add buttons to clone aerospace side locations.
  • PR #273: Advanced aerospace record sheet printing
  • Issue #272: Modular Armor effectively prevents to put Jump Jet
  • Issue #267: Dropship armor values calculating and auto-allocating incorrectly
  • Issue #276: Auto allocate skips advanced aerospace side rear locations
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