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@neoancient neoancient released this Jul 23, 2019 · 7 commits to stable since this release

  • Issue #280: Wrong rounding for Partial Wing
  • Issue #279: BA SRM Torpedo ammo fails to load
  • Issue #281: Issue printing BV to Record Sheet
  • Issue #283: Cost Calculation issue for Warships
  • Issue #287: Cannot remove gyro from interface equipped mech
  • Issue #288: Maximum armor on a jumpship is too high
  • Issue #289: other problems allocating armor to primitive jumpships
  • Issue #290: problems with the export to clipboard (text) function
  • Issue #291: Problem with ammunition display in the text tech readout output for large spacecraft
  • Issue #292: BA Saving of IS BA ECM as wrong type
  • Issue #300: Ultralight battlemech with Partial Wing only raise Jump MP by 1.
  • Issue #297: Improved Heavy Gauss Rifle can be mounted on the vehicle turret and can be used by the unit without fusion or fission engine.
  • Issue #301: LAM reports Walk MP same as its Jump MP
  • Issue #302: Medium Shield doesn't affect Jump MP at all
  • Issue #299: Equipment tab does not refresh when unit type changes
  • Issue #306: Clan Vehicular Jump Jets
  • Issue #304: Double Sponson Weight
  • Issue #305: Mixed IS techbase & Clan BA Fire Resistant
  • Issue #313: Bomb Bay is unavailable for LAM
  • Issue #185: Battle Armour Tube Artillery Ammo/Slot limit
  • Issue #311: Incorrect heat for Nova CEWS
  • Issue #320: Cannot add heat sinks after changing engine type
  • Bug: Maximum docking hardpoints not updating when JS/WS/SS tonnage changes.
  • PR #326: Removed proprietary fonts from distribution. Users can select the font for use in record sheet printing from the configuration dialog.
  • Issue #324: Improved Heavy Gauss can be split between Arms and Torsos
  • Issue #325: Engine Free heat sink count overflows variable when changing weight on an Omni mech
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