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@neoancient neoancient released this Aug 21, 2019 · 28 commits to master since this release

  • Issue #1171: Adds autosave feature (daily or weekly, and/or before missions).
  • PR #1215: Minor updates to AtB:
    • opfor infantry transports now come loaded with infantry (if you have infantry turned on)
    • opfor infantry may now be field gunners
    • opfor aircraft may have bombs
    • allied dropships may now be non-Leopards
    • VTOLs are always on as the bot can handle them fairly well
  • PR #1210: Adds all remaining unimplemented Large Craft parts - CIC, Grav Decks, K-F Drive, K-F Boom and the like
  • PR #1227: Dropships can now load alternate munitions into artillery base if the game is configured for it
  • PR #1226: [Feature] Campaign Subset Export: export a subset of your current campaign into another, either new or existing, campaign file. Overwrites units and personnel with the same guid. Option to remove exported personnel from source campaign. Obviously make backups before using on an existing campaign.
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@neoancient neoancient released this Aug 12, 2019 · 10 commits to stable since this release

  • Issue #1075: Fix 'Mech location repair and salvage times to match StratOps
  • Issue #1224: Scenario templates no longer fail to generate forces when the 'use vehicles' AtB setting is turned off
  • Issue #1238: Fix bug where self crewed units could not be activated after being mothballed
  • PR #1239: Add GM Mothball/Activate to unit menu in hangar
  • Issue #1240: Cannot Salvage at 100%
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@neoancient neoancient released this Jul 23, 2019 · 22 commits to stable since this release

  • PR #1163: Fix vast overvaluing of opfor BV in the briefing tab
  • Issue #1161: don't cast non-Infantry to Infantry during peacetime cost calculations
  • Issue #70: BA no longer has a 100% salvage chance
  • Issue #1165: Player no longer gets dinged contract score for not having forces deployed immediately upon AtB contract start
  • Issue #1170: Fixed issue introduced in 45.4 where player couldn't hire personnel from personnel market with mechs
  • Issue #1164, #1174: Fix various issues involving money, in add/edit transaction, add/edit loot.
  • Issue #1182: Fixes a NPE because some money amounts are not always initialized in all contracts.
  • Issue #1128: Player can now view stats for enemy personnel when resolving a scenario.
  • Issue #1197: Fix bug where personnel could not be assigned to Battle Armor after repair.
  • Issue #1185: Player can acquire ammo bins via parts acquisition dialog.
  • Issue #1205: Improve purchase parts dialog performance when sorting.
  • PR #1217: Fix error preventing scenario resolution involving KIA personnel
  • PR #1216: Track part ID moves during campaign loads that may affect refits (may fix some outstanding refit bugs)
  • Issue #1110: Badger / Bandit vehicles can't be customized prior to 3047
  • Issue #1230: Tripod mech breaking campaign save
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@neoancient neoancient released this Mar 24, 2019 · 304 commits to master since this release

  • PR #1067: Switch to Joda Money library internally for financial math
  • Issue #1057: Don't allow Rotor damage to go negative or use negative damages
  • Issue #1085: Find different replacement part if original missing or has a new ID
  • Issue #1076: Address bug in Personnel Market where GM Add still costs money and add GM Hire Full Complement
  • PR #1084: Save user preferences for UI settings such as window sizes and positions, et al
  • Issue #1082: Fix issue preventing creation of new AtB contract
  • Issue #1086: Fix issue introduced in 45.3 preventing "special" AtB scenarios from starting
  • Issue #1106: Fix issue introduced in 45.3 preventing AtB scenarios containing aircraft from starting under some conditions
  • Issue #112: Adds mission log and counter for personnel
  • Issue #1115: Fix stack overflow in BattleArmorSuit::getTonnage
  • Issue #1116: [Feature] Show people's Bloodnames in "Fluff" filter on personnel tab
  • Issue #1125, #1127: Fix issues with loading units containing damaged AMS and MASC systems.
  • Issue #1109: Fix issue where damaged equipment can be restored with a reload
  • Issue #713: Fix incorrect reporting of training munitions/fuel costs, minor performance improvement on monthly rollover
  • PR #1136: Don't expand/contract tab panels on right double click (Mac OS X improvement)
  • PR #1143: In Repair tab -> Acquisitions, user can once again click 'Order One' more than once
  • Adding CampaignAnon AtB Instruction guide (very good for new players) - See AtB Stuff folder in Docs.
  • Issue #1144: fix bug where bondsmen could not be recruited
  • Issue #1148: fix bug where loan could not be paid off
  • Issue #1150: fix bug introduced in 45.3 preventing AtB scenarios reinforced by immobile player units from starting
  • Issue #1138: fix NPE in isOmniPodded check for AmmoBin's after refit
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@neoancient neoancient released this Feb 12, 2019 · 500 commits to master since this release

  • Issue #990: Feature: Add bulk confirm dialog if more than one unit is removed
  • PR #995: Speed up campaign load times by optimizing spare parts importing
  • PR #994: Fix exception seen during log entry updates
  • PR #998: Fix Mac OS X issue so the DateChooser dialog isn't hidden when you create a new campaign
  • PR #996: Feature: adds origin faction to a person's details and support for RAT roller in a person's GM menu
  • PR #997: Add weekly Support Personnel edge refresh and usage
  • PR #1006: Speed up calculation of jump paths
  • PR #999: Adds a GM hire button to new recruit dialog
  • PR #1017: Adds the list of missing units on campaign load to the log
  • Issue #1010: Battle Armor fails to load with StackOverflowException
  • Issue #991: Fix bug where loan collateral and total value is incorrect after save and load.
  • Issue #986: Fix bug where Retirement/Defection dialog doesn't show details for first row.
  • Issue #985: Fix bug where personnel could not be exported.
  • Issue #1022: Fix bug where failed acquisitions did not count against logistics person's limit
  • Issue #964: Do not raise UnitChangedEvent if there is no unit in GM Acquire Instantly
  • Issue #1009: Fix bug where default injury type wrong
  • Issue #976: Fix bug where techs without any minutes left may get stuck on overnight tasks
  • PR #1031: Fix bug where selected repair task moves when you change mode
  • Issue #1028: Fix bug where Mass Repair Options were not applied unless you clicked Save
  • Issue #1005: Allow fractional tons to be loaded in LargeCraftAmmoBins
  • Issue #825: Arbitrary contract score modifier now persists across save/load
  • Issue #970: Can now recruit multiple prisoners at a time
  • Issue #1036: Enable zero intensity level for AtB Scenario Generation
  • Issue #779: Fix AtB deployment nag before a contract has started
  • PR #1036: Make startup GUI show all four buttons at lower resolutions
  • PR #1041: Fix some unit/tech mismatches at CPNX load
  • Issue #772: Fix graphical display issues with multiple-day advancement
  • PR #1045: Crewed Unit Options Handling (SPA/Edge)
  • PR #1045: Resolve errata for reloading times of capital missile ammo (now 1 hour per missile)
  • Issue #1049: Warehouse tab may fail to properly render
  • PR #1053: Add a Change Camouflage context menu item to forces in the TOE
  • Issue #361: Adds assigned Force to the columns on the hangar tab
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@neoancient neoancient released this Nov 18, 2018 · 768 commits to master since this release

  • Switched build system from ant to gradle.
  • Issue #917: Hire Full Compliment Regularly Hires Bondsmen
  • Issue #919: Dropship Crewmembers/techs displayed as "Nobody" In Repair Bay
  • Issue #860, #911: Remove unusable units after multi-day or mass repairs.
  • PR #923: Tech SPA
  • PR #928: Allow mothballed units in retirement dialog
  • PR #927: Map Colors for Socio-Industrial Level
  • PR #926: Planet-based acquisition option
  • Issue #946: Some personnel (techs and admins) no longer able to be right clicked.
  • Issue #856: Invalid AtB required lances number no longer prevents user from editing contract
  • Planets: Added additional data to planets.xml
  • PR #956: System-wide equipment [Aerospace system equipment not associated with weapons shows in a fuselage
    or hull location when filtering by location in repair tab].
  • Issue #852: Support for Award clusters if an award is given multiple times to a person.
  • Issue #905: Fixes NPE when a spouse is missing on campaign load or personnel menu click.
  • PR #882: Adds support for gzipped Campaign files (*.cpnx.gz).
  • Planets: Reunification War data for Outworlds Alliance + start of RWR
  • PR #959: Fix for inability to repair damaged VTOL internal structure after loading campaign
  • Issue #967: Fix bug where acquired Units could never be bought
  • PR #971: Feature allowing grouping personnel by their unit on the Personnel tab
  • Issue #865: Changing Award Date Does Not Update Award Tooltip
  • Issue #973: No contracts are offered at the start of an AtB campaign.
  • Issue #949: Mechwarrior KO'ed at beginning of battle
  • Issue #981: Fixed bug where refits overcharged for armor or would perform excess moves
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@HammerGS HammerGS released this Sep 4, 2018 · 992 commits to master since this release

  • PR #864: Security - address XXE vulnerabilities in XML parsers
  • Issue #814: Fixed AtB morale calculation to match AtB rules
  • Fixed JAR packaging error that made personnel market methods inaccessible.
  • Issue #860: Fixed concurrent modification exception during campaign load if units unsalvageable and should be removed.
  • PR #844: Feature - display a tech's XP on the repair tab and doctor's XP on the infirmary tab.
  • PR #863: Feature - allow bots to have separate retreat and destination edges, see megamek notes.
    Also upgrades AtB Chase scenarios to randomly have the player start on the north or the south edge instead of always south.
  • Issue #866: Fixed cancelling GM Add XP subtracts one (1) XP.
  • Issue #859: Fixed JSpinner text box overriding user-typed values.
  • Issue #857: Fixed bug where refit armor may not be attached to a unit on load.
  • Issue #843: Implemented sorting and scrollbar on several long lists in personnel right click menu.
  • Issue #877: Feature: Categorized births and pregnancy log entries as medical
  • Issue #858: Escaped XML was not correctly unescaped in LogEntry.generateInstanceFromXML()
  • PR #894: Fixes generation of AtBContracts with 0 req. lances
  • PR #121: allow purchasing and adding of parts en-masse
  • Issue #855: Fixed parts in transit not displaying correctly (showing up as "OmniPod")
  • PR #807: Cosmetic and accuracy improvements to AtB contract profit estimate display (in the contract market)
  • Issue #895: Fix invariant to check if tech time available for maintenance.
  • Issue #853: Do not report on the part's unit if not present during multi-day repairs.
  • Issue #849: Consider a person's secondary role during training XP calculations.
  • Issue #836: Use native file dialogs and remember the last used folder.
  • PR #909: Fix NullPointerException in ResolveScenarioTracker.
  • PR #908: Fix NPE in getPartInUse if EquipmentType is null.
  • Add Skins Folder to MekHQ
  • Update MegaMek.jar to v0.45.1
  • Update MegaMekLab.jar to v0.45.1
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Sep 4, 2018
Ready to Develop <v.45.2>

@HammerGS HammerGS released this Aug 4, 2018 · 1148 commits to master since this release

  • PR #602: Add KIA checkbox and functionality to prisoners during scenario resolution.
  • Issue #308: Can now change contract payment multiplier when manually creating a new contract.
  • PR #741: Updated configuration presets for new campaigns to include new special pilot abilities.
  • Issue #445: Lengthy repairs now show the unit's name if the repair runs over more than one day.
  • PR #742: Errata - Range Master SPA no longer applicable to LOS range
  • Issue #384: Cannot negotiate contract terms because the game selects the highest skilled admin
    and not the one with the negotiating skill
  • PR #766: [Feature] Added balance-over-time and revenue/expenditure charts to finances tab
  • PR #769: [Feature] Added tooltips to tonnage labels on force view when AtB is enabled.
  • PR #760: [Feature] Allow the user to introduce a modifier to the contract score of an AtB contract
  • PR #762: [Feature] Addresses RFE #515, by allowing 'export finances' as a CSV. Various minor fixes to other export mechanisms.
  • PR #762: Help -> About popup now contains link to MegaMek github home page.
  • PR #777: Addresses issue #776, by allowing the user to order up to a 1000 of some part or personnel class at a time, up from 100 previously.
  • PR #787: Adds total value for parts and fixes issue with net worth calculation for parts
  • Show java version and system info in log file.
  • PR #640: [Feature] Experimental aerospace equipment damage and repair times errata (aerospace equipment is damaged based on how many hits it has taken and repairs don't take an order of magnitude longer than mech equipment repairs)
  • PR #758: Start of MekHQ plugin system
    Currently includes support for external plugin for alternate personnel market methods.
    See documentation in docs/plugins.txt.
  • PR #800: Correctly calculate admin costs for government forces per Campaign Ops rules.
  • PR #804: Two fixes to GM mode finances -> edit transaction
  • PR #801: [Feature] Personnel awards
  • PR #799: [Feature] Optional "Pay for Repairs" per Campaign Ops, page 140
  • Issue #773: Fix text color for person text in Personnel and Hangar "Graphic" views
  • Issue #549: Allow AtB-style prisoner ransom for prisoners even if the AtB option isn't enabled
  • Issue #819: Dropshop Baydoor unrepairable
  • Issue #796: LAM Pilot shows as Support in Personnel Breakdown
  • PR #821: Fix occasional issue where mechwarrior names with apostrophes and other "funny" characters would show up weird for completed scenarios.
  • PR #823: Fix for adding phantom heat sinks when restoring aerospace unit
  • Issue #824: Post game salvage/prisoners didn't show up.
  • Issue #729: Fix for 'adjust contract pay' calculating number of required lances at the wrong time.
  • PR #831: Fix two bugs in Edit Injuries dialog
    Advanced medical: remove injury and change injury types choices when location changes.
  • PR #823: Feature: Damage pilots from GM mode (non-advanced medical)
  • PR #811: [Feature]: Mass mothball/reactivate. Reactivating now does its best to restore the unit's force/crew/tech assignments.
  • Issue #830: [Feature]: GM Mode "Strip Unit". Takes all parts off the given unit(s) and place them in the warehouse.
  • Issue #775: [Feature]: Daily Log History. Retains 'daily log' entries for up to 120 days when turned on. Entry history is cleared when the user exits the program.
  • Issue #834: Partial fix - mechs with "messed up" ammo bins will no longer eat the player's ammo. As a workaround, when you encounter such a case gm-remove the unit and add a fresh one.
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