Assets 6


  • PR #232: "Advanced Medical" refactor - new medical dialogue, lots of under-the-hood improvements
  • Allowing twins, triplets, quadruplets ... and so on to be born
  • Recording the biological father of children at conception time
  • Issue #243: Pregnant widow can't give birth
  • Fixed bug with force icon layers being misaligned by 1px in both dimensions
  • Issue #220: NPE when updating unit rating and infantry have no troopers
  • Issue #228: Campaign Ops Unit Rating -- Heavy Vee Bays Affecting Display of Light Vee Bays
  • Issue #244: [AtB] A Normal morale enemy gets Base Attack.
  • Issue #245: [AtB] Bonus payments are not made.
  • Issue #246: RAT Generator doesn't seem to generate any VTOLs.
  • Issue #247: GM Tools RAT Roller Will Not Add Dropships.
  • Overhaul of Mass Repair/Salvage and adding Mass Repair to warehouse
  • Issue #239: Be smarter about clearing assignments when removing personnel from units and vice versa.
  • Issue #252: Enable 'remove all personnel' when selecting multiple units in the hangar
  • Issue #239: Techs stuck on assignment (also #237, #261).
  • Issue #231: IndexOutOfBoundsException in Layered Icon editor
  • Issue #224: Mechs with bad hip/shoulder do not show in repair bay if IS undamaged
  • Updated MegaMek.jar and MegaMekLab.jar to 0.41.27