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This is my 2nd VR Project. The initial assets were provided. I placed the objects, lighting, and set up the VR Cameras.
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Project Name

Apartment in VR


This is a small VR project where the user will be able to explore a small apartment in VR. The initial 3D assets were provided. I placed them, as well as, lights and cameras.

screenshot of project

screenshot of project

Submission Notes

  • This project uses Google VR SDK for Unity Version 1.0
  • I am submitting for iOS.
  • It took me 2 days to complete this project.
  • I enjoyed how easy it was to record an animation.
  • I found the auto-teleporting feature to be hard to get around. In the end, I decided to just keep it and move on.


Unity, C#, Xcode (Used for deployment), and Google VR SDK for Unity Version 1.0

Current Features

  • User will start in an apartment and look around.
  • User will be able to move around the apartment.

Future Features


To Run On Your Device

  • On Mac, choose File -> Build Settings
  • In platform, choose the platform you have set up, either iOS or Android. Select "Switch Platform".
  • Choose "Build and Run" at the bottom right.

Known Issues

  • This project will need to be opened in Unity 5.5.1


Stephen Emery


This work can be used under the MIT License. Copyright (c) 2017 Stephen Emery

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