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This module contains the primary class for the player.
import random
import pygame as pg
from . import equips, shadow
from .. import prepare, tools
DRAW_ORDER = {"front" : ["body", "head", "weapon", "armleg", "shield"],
"back" : ["shield", "armleg", "weapon", "body", "head"],
"left" : ["shield", "body", "head", "weapon", "armleg"],
"right" : ["weapon", "body", "head", "armleg", "shield"]}
DRAW_ATTACK_ORDER = {"front" : ["shield", "body", "head", "weapon", "armleg"],
"back" : ["armleg", "weapon", "body", "head", "shield"],
"left" : ["shield", "body", "head", "weapon", "armleg"],
"right" : ["weapon", "body", "head", "armleg", "shield"]}
class _ImageProcessing(object):
This is a mixin for use with the player class. It pulls all the image
loading and processing out of the main Player class to make things easier
to work with.
def make_all_animations(self):
Returns a list of two dictionaries containing all animations.
Index zero corresponds to normal frames; index one corresponds to
frames for taking damage.
standard = {}
standard["normal"] = self.make_images()
standard["attack"] = self.make_images(True, DRAW_ATTACK_ORDER)
strobing = {}
strobing["normal"] = self.make_hit_images(standard["normal"])
strobing["attack"] = self.make_hit_images(standard["attack"])
return [standard, strobing]
def make_death_animation(self):
"""Return a tools.Anim object with the player's death sequence."""
sheet = prepare.GFX["enemies"]["enemysheet"]
cell_coords = [(3,1), (4,1), (5,1), (6,1), (6,1)]
args = (sheet, cell_coords, prepare.CELL_SIZE)
death_cells = tools.strip_coords_from_sheet(*args)
return tools.Anim(death_cells, 3, loops=1)
def make_images(self, attack=False, order=DRAW_ORDER):
"""Create the player's animations any time he changes equipment."""
base = pg.Surface(prepare.CELL_SIZE).convert()
anims = {}
for direction in prepare.DIRECTIONS:
frames = []
for frame in (0, 1):
image = base.copy()
for part in order[direction]:
if self.equipped[part]:
if attack:
get_part = self.get_attack_part_image
get_part = self.get_part_image
blitting = get_part(direction, part, frame)
if blitting:
image.blit(blitting, (0,0))
anims[direction] = tools.Anim(frames, STANDARD_ANIMATION_FPS)
return anims
def make_hit_images(self, from_dict):
Create a dictionary of red and blue versions of the player's animations
to use while getting hit. Uses a messy 8-bit palette conversion.
anims = {}
for direction in from_dict:
frames = []
for i,frame in enumerate(from_dict[direction].frames):
image = pg.Surface(prepare.CELL_SIZE)
image.blit(frame, (0,0))
image = image.convert(8)
palette = image.get_palette()
index, colorkey = (0, (235,0,85)) if i else (2, (85,0,235))
for color in palette:
color[index] = min(color[index]+150, 255)
anims[direction] = tools.Anim(frames, HIT_ANIMATION_FPS)
return anims
def get_part_image(self, direction, part, frame):
"""Get the correct part image based on player direction and frame."""
with_shield = not isinstance(self.equipped["shield"], equips.NoShield)
if part=="armleg" and direction=="right" and with_shield:
to_blit = self.equipped[part].images["right_with_shield"]
elif self.equipped[part].images:
to_blit = self.equipped[part].images[direction]
return None
return to_blit[frame]
except TypeError:
return to_blit
def get_attack_part_image(self, direction, part, frame):
"""Get attack images if they exist."""
if self.equipped[part].attack_images == "normal":
piece = self.equipped[part].images
elif self.equipped[part].attack_images:
piece = self.equipped[part].attack_images
return None
to_blit = piece[direction]
return to_blit[frame]
except TypeError:
return to_blit
class Player(tools._BaseSprite, _ImageProcessing):
"""A class to represent our main protagonist."""
def __init__(self, data, *groups):
Most member variables are initialized within set_player_data and reset.
tools._BaseSprite.__init__(self, (0,0), prepare.CELL_SIZE, *groups)
self.controls = prepare.DEFAULT_CONTROLS
self.mask = self.make_mask()
self.all_animations = self.make_all_animations()
self.death_anim = self.make_death_animation()
self.image = None
self.world_change = False
def reset(self):
Reset all necessary variables for a fresh player.
Called on character creation as well as a continued game.
""" = prepare.MAX_HEALTH
self.direction = self.start_direction
self.direction_stack = [] #Held keys in the order they were pressed.
pos = (self.start_coord[0]*prepare.CELL_SIZE[0],
self.action_state = "normal"
self.hit_state = False #When true hit_state is a tools.Timer instance.
self.knock_state = False #(direction, tools.Timer()) tuple when true.
self.shadow = shadow.Shadow((40,20), self.rect)
self.redraw = True
def set_player_data(self, data):
"""Set required stats based on player data."""
for key in data:
if key not in ("identifiers", "gear", "equipped", "money", "keys"):
setattr(self, key, data[key])
self.identifiers = data["identifiers"].copy() #Persistant event flags.
self.inventory = equips.make_equips(data["gear"])
self.inventory["money"] = data["money"]
self.inventory["keys"] = data["keys"]
self.equipped = self.set_equips(data["equipped"])
self.defense,self.strength,self.speed = self.calc_stats(self.equipped)
def get_player_data(self):
"""Return a dictionary of the data that needs to be saved."""
data = {}
for key in prepare.DEFAULT_PLAYER:
if key not in ("gear", "equipped", "money", "keys"):
data[key] = getattr(self, key)
data["money"] = self.inventory["money"]
data["keys"] = self.inventory["keys"]
gears = prepare.DEFAULT_GEAR.keys()
data["gear"] = {gear:list(self.inventory[gear]) for gear in gears}
data["equipped"] = {gear:self.equipped[gear].name for gear in gears}
return data
def set_equips(self, equip_data):
Set the equips the player is wearing. Currently hardcoded.
Eventually it will load from player data or revert to defaults.
equipped = {}
for part,gear in equip_data.items():
equipped[part] = self.inventory[part][gear]
return equipped
def set_equips_random(self):
Equip the player with random gear chosen from the items in their
equipped = {}
for part in equips.EQUIP_DICT:
parts = list(self.inventory[part].values())
equipped[part] = random.choice(parts)
return equipped
def change_equip(self, gear_type, gear):
Called if the player switches out one gear for another.
All animations are reconstructed and stats recalced.
Do not call at performance critical times.
self.equipped[gear_type] = gear
self.all_animations = self.make_all_animations()
self.defense,self.strength,self.speed = self.calc_stats(self.equipped)
self.redraw = True
def calc_stats(self, gear):
"""Calculate stats based on current gear."""
stat_mods = zip(*[g.stats for g in gear.values()])
defense, attack, speed_mod = [sum(stats) for stats in stat_mods]
return (defense, attack, BASE_SPEED+speed_mod)
def make_mask(self):
"""Create a collision mask for the player."""
temp = pg.Surface((prepare.CELL_SIZE)).convert_alpha()
temp.fill(pg.Color("white"), (10,20,30,30))
return pg.mask.from_surface(temp)
def add_direction(self, key):
"""Add a pressed direction key on the direction stack."""
if key in self.controls:
direction = self.controls[key]
if direction in self.direction_stack:
def pop_direction(self, key):
"""Pop a released key from the direction stack."""
if key in self.controls:
direction = self.controls[key]
if direction in self.direction_stack:
def collide_with_solid(self, cancel_knock=True):
"""Called from level when the player walks into a solid tile."""
self.exact_position = self.old_position[:]
self.rect.topleft = self.exact_position
if cancel_knock:
self.knock_state = False
def got_hit(self, enemy):
"""Called on collision with enemy."""
if not self.hit_state:
damage = max(enemy.attack-self.defense, 1) = max(, 0)
self.hit_state = tools.Timer(50, 10)
knock_dir = self.get_collision_direction(enemy)
self.knock_state = (knock_dir, tools.Timer(100, 1))
def check_death(self):
If player's health has dropped to zero set action_state to "death" and
reset weapon attack if necessary.
if == 0:
self.action_state = "dead"
def get_collision_direction(self, other_sprite):
Find the direction the player will be knocked after colliding
with an enemy.
dx = self.get_finite_difference(other_sprite, 0)
dy = self.get_finite_difference(other_sprite, 1)
abs_x, abs_y = abs(dx), abs(dy)
if abs_x > abs_y:
return "right" if dx > 0 else "left"
return "front" if dy > 0 else "back"
def get_finite_difference(self, other_sprite, index, delta=1):
Find the finite difference in area of mask collision with the
rects position incremented and decremented in axis index by delta.
base_offset = [other_sprite.rect.x-self.rect.x,
offset_high = base_offset[:]
offset_low = base_offset[:]
offset_high[index] += delta
offset_low[index] -= delta
first_term = self.mask.overlap_area(other_sprite.mask, offset_high)
second_term = self.mask.overlap_area(other_sprite.mask, offset_low)
return first_term-second_term
def attack(self):
Change attack flag to True if weapon is ready and add weapon.
attack sprite to player sprite groups.
if self.action_state != "attack":
weapon = self.equipped["weapon"].sprite
if weapon.start_attack(self):
self.action_state = "attack"
self.redraw = True
def interact(self, interactables):
Check if the player is facing and close enough to an object that
can be interacted with via the left-shift key.
If so call that object's interact_with method.
vec = prepare.DIRECT_DICT[self.direction]
move = vec[0]*5, vec[1]*5 #Currently hardcoded 5 pixel range.
for item in interactables:
if pg.sprite.collide_mask(self, item):
self.rect.move_ip(-move[0], -move[1])
def check_states(self, now):
"""Change states when required."""
attacking = self.action_state == "attack"
if attacking and not self.equipped["weapon"].sprite.attacking:
self.action_state = "normal"
self.redraw = True
if self.hit_state:
if self.hit_state.done:
self.hit_state = False
self.redraw = True
if self.knock_state:
knock_timer = self.knock_state[1]
if knock_timer.done:
self.knock_state = False
def move(self):
"""Move the player if not attacking (or interupted some other way)."""
if self.action_state != "attack" and self.direction_stack:
self.direction = self.direction_stack[-1]
vector = prepare.DIRECT_DICT[self.direction]
self.exact_position[0] += self.speed*vector[0]
self.exact_position[1] += self.speed*vector[1]
if self.knock_state:
vector = prepare.DIRECT_DICT[self.knock_state[0]]
self.exact_position[0] += KNOCK_SPEED*vector[0]
self.exact_position[1] += KNOCK_SPEED*vector[1]
def adjust_frames(self, now):
"""Update the sprite's animation as needed."""
if self.action_state != "dead":
animation_dict = self.all_animations[bool(self.hit_state)]
animation = animation_dict[self.action_state][self.direction]
animation = self.death_anim
self.redraw = True
if self.direction_stack or self.hit_state or self.redraw:
self.image = animation.get_next_frame(now)
self.redraw = False
def update(self, now, *args):
"""Updates our player appropriately every frame."""
self.old_position = self.exact_position[:]
if self.action_state != "dead":
self.rect.topleft = self.exact_position
def on_world_change(self, world, map_coords, start_coords):
self.world_change = True = world
self.save_world_coords = map_coords
self.start_coord = start_coords
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