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Revision history for Perl extension Path::Class.
- Added tempdir() function. [cho45]
0.26 Thu Jun 14 21:52:38 CDT 2012
- resolve() now includes the name of the non-existent file in the error
message. [Karen Etheridge]
- new shortcut opena(), to open a file for appending. [Karen Etheridge]
- new spew() method that does the inverse of the slurp() method. [Aran Deltac]
- Fixed a typo in a class name in the docs for Path::Class::Entity. [Toby Inkster]
0.25 Wed Feb 15 20:55:30 CST 2012
- resolve() now croak()s instead of die()s on non-existent file. [Danijel Tašov]
- Added a traverse() method for directories, based on the fmap_cont()
method of Forest::Tree::Pure. It's an alternative to ->recurse,
which allows for more control over how the recursion
happens. [Jesse Luehrs]
- Fixed a grammar error in the docs. [Shlomi Fish]
0.24 Sat May 28 20:52:39 CDT 2011
- Added a tempfile() method for Dir objects, which provides an
interface to File::Temp. [RT#60485]
- Fixed a non-helpful fatal error message when calling resolve() on a
path that doesn't exist. Now dies with the proper "No such file or
directory" message & exit status. [GRAF]
0.23 - Sun Dec 26 13:35:53 CST 2010
- Fixed a bunch of problems with the distribution (e.g. in META.yml)
that I introduced in the switch to Dist::Zilla. No code changes
from 0.22.
0.22 - Sat Dec 25 22:59:20 CST 2010
- Added a basename() method for directory objects. [CLKAO, jloverso,
0.21 - Tue Aug 17 19:13:13 CDT 2010
- Don't test the 'iomode' option under 5.6, because layers aren't
supported yet.
- Fixes to spelling errors in the docmuentatino. [Ansgar Burchardt
and Debian patchers]
0.19 - Sun Jun 6 20:50:27 CDT 2010
- slurp() now accepts an 'iomode' option to control how the file is
opened. [Graham Barr]
- In the openr() and openw() file methods, we now croak() instead of
die() so that the error messages are more useful. [Ian Sillitoe]
- Allow subclassing, by adding dir_class() and file_class() static
methods, allowing them to be overridden. [Matt Trout & John LoVerso
& Michael Schwern]
- Fixed a testing failure that could occur whenever testing in a
directory path that contains symlinks (e.g. /tmp on Mac OS X).
- Added a 'no_hidden' parameter for children() [EDENC <>]
- Fixed the heading for the is_relative() POD section. [CUB <>]
0.18 - Sun Dec 20 10:11:02 CST 2009
- Similar to the next() bug for files/directories named "0" or "0.0"
in the previous release, the children() and recurse() methods have
now been fixed in the same way. [spotted by ARTHAS, MSISK]
0.17 - Sun Jun 14 21:42:16 2009
- dir(undef) now returns undef rather than the rootdir, because undef
was probably a mistake by the caller, and the rootdir is too scary
a default. [Suggested by John Goulah]
- Temporary files during testing are now created in the system temp
directory, rather than somewhere in t/ . See RT #31382. [Suggested
by Alex Page]
- Added is_relative() as the obvious complement to the existing
is_absolute() method.
- Added a resolve() method to clean up paths much more thoroughly
than cleanup(), e.g. resolving symlinks, collapsing foo/../bar
sections, etc. [Suggested by David Garamond]
- Fixed a problem in which a file/directory called "0" or "0.0" would
end a loop prematurely when using the idiom 'while($x =
$dir->next) {...}'. See
[Spotted by Daniel Lo]
- Fixed an exists($array[$i]) that prevented compatibility with perl
- Moved the repository from my personal CVS repo to Google Code.
0.16 - Sun Dec 24 20:29:40 2006
- Added a $dir->contains($thing) method that indicates whether $dir
actually contains $thing on the filesystem.
- Fixed a typo in the synopsis for Path::Class::Dir - 'MacOS' should
have been 'Mac' in the example for foreign_dir(). [Chris Dolan]
- subsumes() was not respecting the 'foreign'-ness of its arguments,
now it does. [Chia-liang Kao]
- Added a couple of TODO tests (currently failing) for translating
MacOS paths to Unix
0.15 Thu Dec 15 20:11:38 CST 2005
- Fixed an important edge case in subsumes() - subsumes('/', '/foo')
(and its equivalent on other platforms) was returning false, but
should have been true. [Reported by Chia-liang Kao]
0.14 Thu Nov 17 22:16:13 CST 2005
- Silence a warning caused by $dir1->subsumes($dir2) when $dir2
subsumes $dir1. [Chia-liang Kao]
- Work around a File::Spec->abs2rel bug when its two arguments are
the same. It returns an empty string rather than curdir(), so in
Path::Class, dir()->absolute->relative returned '/' rather than '.'
(or their equivalent on non-unix platforms. [Spotted by David Golden]
0.13 Mon Aug 22 22:36:15 CDT 2005
- Added a recurse() method to Path::Class::Dir, which provides a nice
alternative to using File::Find.
- Added a children() method to Path::Class::Dir, which returns the
entries of a directory as Path::Class objects.
- Added touch() to Path::Class::File.
0.12 Tue Jun 28 16:27:38 EDT 2005
- You can now chomp while you slurp. [Suggested by Smylers]
- Added some notes about how to use Path::Class in a cross-platform
- Added a remove() method for both files and directories.
- Added a subsumes() method to Path::Class::Dir.
- We now require File::Spec version 0.87 (previously we required
0.86), because it fixes a few important bugs.
- Fixed some VMS testing bugs. [Abe Timmerman]
- Corrected a couple typos in the documentation for Path::Class::File
where it mistakenly listed the package as Path::Class::Dir. [Ron
0.11 Mon May 16 20:06:38 CDT 2005
- Fixed a documentation bug in Path::Class::File - open() calls
IO::File->new(), not IO::File->open(). [Smylers]
- Improved the semantics for dir_list() in a scalar context. It now
has a much higher DWIM coefficient. [Suggested by Smylers]
- Added the stat() and lstat() methods to the Path::Class::Dir class;
previously they were only in the Path::Class::File class.
[Suggested by Smylers]
- We now require at least version 0.87 of File::Spec, rather than
0.86, because 0.87 fixed some bugs and idiosyncracies in how Windows
path names are handled. [Chris Dolan]
0.10 Wed Apr 6 17:04:45 CDT 2005
- Fixed a bug in relative() that would ignore the optional argument
if the given file/dir was already specified as relative.
- Fixed a typo in the documentation - I wrote Path::Class::mkdir()
and Path::Class::rmtree() where I meant File::Path::mkdir() and
0.09 Tue Apr 5 20:42:20 CDT 2005
- Added the dir_list() method, which gives the user direct access to
the list of directories that makes up a Path::Class::Dir object
(NEEDS DOCUMENTATION). [Suggested by Smylers]
- Documented the behavior of $dir->next() when the directory doesn't
exist or is unreadable (it dies). [Smylers]
- Fixed a bug that could result in extra backslashes between the
volume and path (such as C:\\Foo\Bar). [Smylers]
- Added the is_dir() method, which is a simple way to tell the
difference between a file and a directory. [Suggested by Smylers]
0.08 Tue Dec 28 08:26:56 CST 2004
- Fixed a typo in the module name in the docs. [Chris Dolan]
- Added a copyright statement to the docs, for some reason it was
missing. [Spotted by Chris Dolan]
0.07 Wed Jun 30 15:31:35 CDT 2004
- Fixed a bug in dir("foo/")->parent and
file("foo/bar")->dir. [Spotted by Sterling Hanenkamp]
0.06 Fri Mar 26 22:20:32 CST 2004
- Added documentation for $dir->next(), which was for some reason
- Simplified a little internal code in $dir->next().
- Added the slurp(), openr(), and openw() methods to
0.05 Mon Jan 19 22:36:29 CST 2004
- Added a parent() method to Path::Class::File, which helps in those
cases where the distinction between a file and a directory isn't
significant. [Paul Hoffman]
- Added a basename() method to Path::Class::File. [Richard Evans]
0.04 Thu Jan 1 22:47:18 CST 2004
- Added several useful methods for interacting with the filesystem,
such as $file->open(), or $dir->mkpath().
- file() and dir() are now exported by default when loading
Path::Class. [Michael Schwern]
- Fixed a problem that happened when interacting with the File::Spec
that comes with perl 5.6.0. Names weren't being stringified
properly. [Michael Schwern]
- Fixed a test failure on Win32 (from line 71 of t/01-basic.t).
[reported by Murat Ünalan]
- Rewrote general description of Path::Class in the documentation
[suggested by Joshua Keroes]
0.03 Wed Jul 9 09:32:52 CDT 2003
- D'oh! Forgot to add the t/02-foreign.t test to the MANIFEST.
- The way I was faking out File::Spec to pretend it's on a Unix
system during testing wasn't working. [Reported by DH]
0.02 Tue Jul 8 14:51:24 CDT 2003
- Added the capability to work with paths from other systems, see
'foreign' in the docs.
- Now depends on File::Spec::Mac 1.3, since 1.2 was pretty broken.
- relative() and absolute() methods can now take an optional argument
to use as the base of relativity.
0.01 Wed Mar 12 18:17:04 CST 2003
- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
-XA -n Path::Class
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