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Aug 02, 2011

  1. Cameron Manderson

    Merge pull request #1 from cammanderson/master

    Suggested code jam topics for tonight
    cammanderson authored
  2. Cameron Manderson

    Added Firewall and Registration Steps

    Added additional controllers for User and Security (for authentication),
    configured a firewall, updated our controllers for assigning the current
    user. Updated entities to have a 'user', updated our fixtures to
    generate. Updated the views to show the user, included a 'user bar' to
    the top using twig action.
    cammanderson authored
  3. Cameron Manderson

    Added a simple form allowing the user to create a new thread

    Updated the Entity to use Assert for validation Updated the controller
    to create and handle create/update Updated the views to link to the
    actions and render the forms
    cammanderson authored
  4. Cameron Manderson

    Removed a bogus method - ignore

    cammanderson authored
  5. Cameron Manderson

    Creating a Thread Repository and a custom property

    Create a Thread Repository for us to overwrite the default findAll
    behaviour so that hydrating includes obtaining a postCount to the
    object. Extend out the Thread to hold the property, and then update the
    view to print the property
    cammanderson authored
  6. Cameron Manderson

    Creating a simple controller to load our data

    Create the index, thread-view actions in a controller and give the
    corresponding views using Twig engine Disable the routing_dev.yml for
    the welcome path to go to the demo Preview through a browser
    cammanderson authored
  7. Cameron Manderson

    Create a fixture to load dummy data into our database

    Create the FormFixtures file to create data into the database Then run:
    php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load --append
    cammanderson authored
  8. Cameron Manderson

    Register the doctrine library in the autoload, and add the bundle to …

    …the app kernel
    cammanderson authored
  9. Cameron Manderson

    Added doctrine-fixtures

    Missing this in the last commit
    cammanderson authored
  10. Cameron Manderson

    Dependency Management - Installing Doctrine Fixtures

    Add in the deps, and run: ./bin/vendors install --reinstall
    cammanderson authored
  11. Cameron Manderson

    A more realistic Doctrine entity example - the Thread and Post entities

    Create a second set of entities, this time for a forum thread/post
    scenario Reload the database and create the schema: php app/console
    doctrine:database:drop --force php app/console doctrine:database:create
    php app/console doctrine:schema:create
    cammanderson authored
  12. Cameron Manderson

    Demonstration of Doctrine Migrations for schema changes

    Added a product code to the example, Then: php app/console
    doctrine:schema:update --force  Preview in the database to make sure the
    column has been added
    cammanderson authored
  13. Cameron Manderson

    Doctrine example: adding a simple entity

    Created a dummy entity named Product Then: php app/console
    doctrine:database:create php app/console doctrine:schema:create  Preview
    using PHPMyAdmin
    cammanderson authored
  14. Cameron Manderson

    Used the php app/console generate:bundle

    Run the "php app/console generate:bundle" Set the bundle namespace to
    "MelbSymfony2/ForumExampleBundle" Get it to generate the directory
    structure also
    cammanderson authored
  15. Cameron Manderson

    Configured the application to connect to a locate database

    cammanderson authored
  16. Cameron Manderson

    Initial commit of Symfony 2.0.0

    This is the download obtained from the website today,
    complete with standard vendors
    cammanderson authored
  17. Cameron Manderson

    Initial commit, ready for FORK

    cammanderson authored
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