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Commits on Aug 2, 2011
  1. @cammanderson

    Merge pull request #1 from cammanderson/master

    cammanderson authored
    Suggested code jam topics for tonight
  2. @cammanderson

    Added Firewall and Registration Steps

    cammanderson authored
    Added additional controllers for User and Security (for authentication),
    configured a firewall, updated our controllers for assigning the current
    user. Updated entities to have a 'user', updated our fixtures to
    generate. Updated the views to show the user, included a 'user bar' to
    the top using twig action.
  3. @cammanderson

    Added a simple form allowing the user to create a new thread

    cammanderson authored
    Updated the Entity to use Assert for validation Updated the controller
    to create and handle create/update Updated the views to link to the
    actions and render the forms
  4. @cammanderson
  5. @cammanderson

    Creating a Thread Repository and a custom property

    cammanderson authored
    Create a Thread Repository for us to overwrite the default findAll
    behaviour so that hydrating includes obtaining a postCount to the
    object. Extend out the Thread to hold the property, and then update the
    view to print the property
  6. @cammanderson

    Creating a simple controller to load our data

    cammanderson authored
    Create the index, thread-view actions in a controller and give the
    corresponding views using Twig engine Disable the routing_dev.yml for
    the welcome path to go to the demo Preview through a browser
  7. @cammanderson

    Create a fixture to load dummy data into our database

    cammanderson authored
    Create the FormFixtures file to create data into the database Then run:
    php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load --append
  8. @cammanderson
  9. @cammanderson

    Added doctrine-fixtures

    cammanderson authored
    Missing this in the last commit
  10. @cammanderson

    Dependency Management - Installing Doctrine Fixtures

    cammanderson authored
    Add in the deps, and run: ./bin/vendors install --reinstall
  11. @cammanderson

    A more realistic Doctrine entity example - the Thread and Post entities

    cammanderson authored
    Create a second set of entities, this time for a forum thread/post
    scenario Reload the database and create the schema: php app/console
    doctrine:database:drop --force php app/console doctrine:database:create
    php app/console doctrine:schema:create
  12. @cammanderson

    Demonstration of Doctrine Migrations for schema changes

    cammanderson authored
    Added a product code to the example, Then: php app/console
    doctrine:schema:update --force  Preview in the database to make sure the
    column has been added
  13. @cammanderson

    Doctrine example: adding a simple entity

    cammanderson authored
    Created a dummy entity named Product Then: php app/console
    doctrine:database:create php app/console doctrine:schema:create  Preview
    using PHPMyAdmin
  14. @cammanderson

    Used the php app/console generate:bundle

    cammanderson authored
    Run the "php app/console generate:bundle" Set the bundle namespace to
    "MelbSymfony2/ForumExampleBundle" Get it to generate the directory
    structure also
  15. @cammanderson
  16. @cammanderson

    Initial commit of Symfony 2.0.0

    cammanderson authored
    This is the download obtained from the website today,
    complete with standard vendors
  17. @cammanderson
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