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Cross Platform REST Client for all C# platforms
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Cross Platform REST Client for all C# platforms

This most simple Task-based Async, strongly typed, cross-platform C# REST Client.

In Browser (Wasm) Support with Uno Platform - New!

RestClient.Net can now run inside the browser via WebAssembly. To see a sample:

  • Clone the repo
  • Make sure you've got .NET Core 3.0 installed
  • Open the solution RestClient.Net.Samples.sln in Visual Studio 2017
  • Switch to debug
  • Unload or remove any projects whose frameworks are not installed (e.g. Android/iOS)
  • Wait for NuGet packages to be restored
  • Ensure the project RestClient.Net.Samples.Uno.Wasm is built
  • Run the project RestClient.Net.Samples.Uno.Wasm
  • Click "Get My Repos" to get my public repos, or enter your own username/password for your private repos
  • This is the code. It's shared across Wasm and UWP
  • If you run the RestClient.Net.Samples.Uno.UWP project, you will see that the app is almost identicle to the one in the browser
  • Log any issues in the issues section please!


Library .NET Framework Get 15x .NET Core Get 15x .NET Core Patch 15x
RestClient.Net 5831.1539ms 5724.9672ms 7569.8823ms
RestSharp 7010.3713ms 12391.7717ms 13420.5781ms

Note: benchmarks are biased! Please submit a pull request to fix these benchmarks and make them objective.


  • Open Source. (MIT License)
  • Markup language agnostic. (Supports JSON, Binary, SOAP and other markup languages with dependency injection)
  • Use strong types with REST.
  • Supports Android, iOS, Windows 10, .NET Framework, .NET Core (.NET Standard 2.0) .
  • Incredibly simple (All source code less than 200 lines)
  • Async friendly (uses async, await keywords).
  • Only one .NET Standard library for all platforms

Quick Start & Samples

Samples for all platforms in this Git repo:

NuGet: Install-Package RestClient.NET



var countryCodeClient = new RestClientDotNet.RestClient(new NewtonsoftSerializationAdapter(), new Uri(""));
var countryData = await countryCodeClient.GetAsync<groupktResult<CountriesResult>>();


Post is basically the same

private void GetBitBucketClient(string password, bool isGet)
    var url = "" + UsernameBox.Text;
    _BitbucketClient = new RestClient(new NewtonsoftSerializationAdapter(), new Uri(url));

    if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(password))
        var credentials = Convert.ToBase64String(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(UsernameBox.Text + ":" + password));
        _BitbucketClient.Headers.Add("Authorization", "Basic " + credentials);
private async Task OnSavedClicked()

        var selectedRepo = ReposBox.SelectedItem as Repository;
        if (selectedRepo == null)

        //Ensure the client is ready to go
        GetBitBucketClient(GetPassword(), false);

        //var repoSlug = selectedRepo.full_name.Split('/')[1];
        var requestUri = $"{UsernameBox.Text}/{selectedRepo.full_name.Split('/')[1]}";

        //Post the change
        var retVal = await _BitbucketClient.PutAsync<Repository, Repository>(selectedRepo, requestUri);

        await DisplayAlert("Saved", "Your repo was updated.");
    catch (Exception ex)
        await HandleException(ex);



var restClient = new RestClient(new NewtonsoftSerializationAdapter(), new Uri(""));
var userPost = await restClient.PatchAsync<UserPost, UserPost>(new UserPost { title = "Moops" }, "/posts/1");


var restClient = new RestClient(new NewtonsoftSerializationAdapter(), new Uri(""));
await restClient.DeleteAsync("/posts/1");

Hardfolio runs on RestClient.Net

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