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  • NEW If your shop supports Payment Passes, Control Panel will now utilize them in order to truly support in-game purchases!

How To Checkout In-Game:

  • Add items to your cart
  • Click "Proceed to Checkout"
  • Enter your CubedPay account's email address
  • Click "Confirm Transaction"
  • That's all! Your packages should arrive shortly!

EDIT: Updated to CubedPay Java Library v0.5.

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This is the first release of our Control Panel Spigot plugin, which opens up a wide variety of ways to manage and interact with your shops!

Control Panel comes with Ticket Notifier and Package Runner built-in.

NOTE: This plugin REQUIRES the CubedPay Bukkit Plugin in order for it to run!

If you find any bugs or seemingly unintentional behavior, please create an issue in the "Issues" tab.

For information about commands or permissions, please visit the README!