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Bot Commands:

help Shows the help message

uptime Shows how long the bot has been running for

meme Shows a random meme from /r/Memes

dab Shows a person dabbing

avatar Shows the person you tag's profile picture

yt Allows you to search youtube

google Allows you to search google

define Gets the definition of a term from

invite Gives you a bot invite link

cf Flips a coin

ping Displays the ping to discord servers!

roll Rolls a dice

aww Shows a cute image

cat Shows a cat image

dog Shows a cute image

vote Vote for the bot!

shorten Shortens the given URL!

copypasta Shows a random copypasta!

rps Rock Paper Scissors!

password Gives you a random secure password to use!

bitcoin Shows the current bitcoin prices

hacked Searches to shows whether the given email has been hacked

img Allows you to search google for images

hastebin Uploads the given text to hastebin

subs Checks the number of subscribers the given youtuber has

serverstats Shows you the server stastics

botstats Shows you the bot's stastics

greentext Shows a greentext meme

anime Allows you to search for anime!

wyr The would you rather game!

profile Displays your level and xp

catfact Shows a random cat fact!

cookie Opens a fortune cookie!

topsongs Lists the top songs!

mcserver Searches for a minecraft server

joke Shows a dad joke

today Shows a historic event that happened this day, that year

tifu Today I f*cked up!

meirl Shows a meirl post from reddit!

lyrics Allows you to search for a song's lyrics!

uselessweb Shows a random useless website! (from

gif Allows you to search for gifs!

4chan Allows you to browse r9k (aka ROBOT9001) on 4chan through discord!

spotify Allows you to search spotify for songs!

ebay Allows you to search products on ebay! (Mainly for the PCMR)

paste Uploads the given text to Bisoga