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Bug / Feedback tracker for Memerator.
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Memerator Website Issues

Thank you for reporting any issues you are facing. By doing that you help us and the website a better, more stable place for everyone.

Before you report an issue, please consider these simple rules:

  • Your report should be concise and on topic
  • Keep discussions to the issue at hand, be friendly and constructive

Select one of the templates below which best describes your issue/report:

  1. Feedback
  2. Bug/Issue Report

Rating a Report or a Comment

We appreciate the community's collaboration and any feedback you provide, whether it is a simple upvote or downvote on issues and comments. If you wish to provide some feedback do so by adding 👍 or 👎 and/or by commenting your opinion/suggestion on the issue.

Discussing a Report

We expect respectful discussions and constructive feedback/criticism when discussing/commenting on reports. Please keep your discussions on topic and to the point to prevent unnecessary conversations that may lead to arguments. We encourage all members of both communities to speak up about your ideas and suggestions. This provides us with a better understanding of what is more important to you and the best possible solutions for issues.

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