trying to write simplest chat UI as a demo
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About installation:

The commands(after you configured mongodb):

git clone  
cd talkpage  
npm install  
sudo npm install -g forever  
forever start -c coffee  
forever restart  
forever stop  

Details about mongodb and port was written in ./lib/
Check the port in ./page/socket.js for if you'd like to chage
Static files should be served with Nginx or another web server.

How to chat:

Open on Chrome(only this browser runs well...),
press <tab> to switch between topic and posts,
press <pgup> <pgdown> to go up and down,
click toggle then type in your nickname,
add a link for your avatar.
If error, it will disappear on the left.
This app is still for demostration.
I plan to put it on my VPS. Visit this link:

My Idea:

Chatting should realtime.