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DPM.exe is the commandline version of Delphinus. It allows you to do various tasks (installing, updating, uninstalling, and more) from the commandline. This is usefull to include it in automated scenarios.


If you use the Websetup as described in Installing Delphinus, you can simply update your existing Delphinus-Installation. DPM.exe will appear in the following subfolder of your Delphinus-Installation:


Otherwhise you'll have to compile the project manually from:


General usage

If the tool is started without a specific command, it launches in interactive mode. This allows you to fire multiple commands in one run. Use the Pipein Operator "<" to pipein a file instead of manual input to automatically execute a sequence of commands.

⚠️ Important If you pipein a file, the last command MUST BE "Exit", otherwhise the tool will wait for further instructions.


To get help, simply type in the command "Help". It will list all available commands. Use "Help " to get detailed help for a command and "help " for a specific switch of a command.

Type "Help """ (empty doublequotes!) to get help for the switches you can use when starting DPM.exe without a command.


The Exitcode represents the number of failed commands during the session