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Delphinus supports putting Delphinus-Related files into a seperated repository linking to the source repository. This allows for simpler management of Delphinus files (like fixing bugs in Json afterwards) or linking your Delphinus package to a Bitbucket repository which removes the need to mirror it to Github. At the same time this keeps your source repository clean from these files.

Required Files

The repository you want to use for an external timeline needs to include these files (and nothing more):

  • Delphinus.Info.json
  • Delphinus.Install.json
  • Readme with the keyword Delphinus-Support (don't add this into the Readme of the linked repository!)
  • Logo (if given in the info)

The license file (if given) is pulled from the linked repository using the relative path given in the Info.


The Info file needs an extra entry to link to the repository. In addition to your existing info, add this:

    "type": "Bitbucket",
    "user": "myusername",
    "name": "repositoryname"
    "redirect_issues": true //this is the default if not specified!

Specifies the repository type to link to. You can either specify "Bitbucket" or "Github".
The username of the repository to link to. Only lowercase letters.
The name of the repository to link to. Only lowercase letters.
(Optional) Default=True
If this is true and the Info file does not specify a custom report_url, the package will redirect to the linked repositories issue-tracker when clicking on the report button in Delphinus. It is expected that the issue-tracker is enabled. Disable redirection if otherwhise.

Versioning and HEAD

To add versions to this Delphinus package, you create releases as usual. But the tag of each release MUST correspond (means exact equal name) to a tag in the linked repo. Delphinus will try to download the linked repository at this tag when installing.
If Delphinus is instructed to install unversioned (in this case from HEAD), the default branch of the DelphinusPackage-Repo is used to download from the linked repository.

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