Installing Delphinus

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  • Windows Vista or Higher
  • Delphi XE or Higher


If you have a Professional Edition or Higher, you can simply use the Webinstaller from my Blog: Delphinus

To install Delphinus manually, you need to Compile/Install the Delphinus-Project. Choose the one which is most appropiate for your Delphi. There are packages for XE & XE6. Sou you might want to use the XE-Package for XE-XE5 and XE6 for XE6 and newer.


Delphinus allows you to authenticate through a OAuth-Token with your Github-Account. While anonymous connections are possible, authenticated ones have a higher API-Ratelimit and allow more requests per hour. Right now the number of requests to load Packages usually exceeds the anonymous limit. It is advised to add a OAuth-Token. To create a OAuth-Token read the manual on Github: Create a token with as less rights as possible. According to the Documentation, a Token without any scope is for readonly-access. This is all thats needed. Copy it from Github and paste it into the Options-Dialog. A click on "Test" will show if it worked.

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