Publishing your Project for Delphinus

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To publish your project for Delphinus you need to:

  • put it on GitHub (see Alternative if on Bitbucket)
    • :warning: It must be the "original" repository. Repositories marked as "fork" are not listed to avoid flooding
  • add an Delphinus.Info.json to the repository root
  • add an Delphinus.Install.json to the repository root
  • add at least one version (optional) see: Versioning your package
  • add "Delphinus-Support" (without quotes) to your readme within your repository
    • :warning: </br> tags in readme can cause that package will be invisible for Delphinus.

Alternative or how to link to Bitbucket

Instead of putting the Delphinus files directly into your repository, you can put them in a seperate one and link to the source repository. See External Timelines