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This is the website for the Memphis Python User group. It's generated with pelican. So, to publish content you'll need that.

You can get it with:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Cloning this repo

To get started, you'll need to clone this repo, but it also contains a submodule for, so you'll need to do:

git submodule init

See the section on git submodules for additional details.

How to add content

Content for the site is in the content directory, so to contribute a post, just create a file.

  • For monthly meeting information, create a content/meetings/YYYY-MM-DD.rst file and add the appropriate content.
  • For announcments, create a file in content/announcements/.
  • Stand-alone pages go in content/pages/

Once you've added your new content, commit it and send a Pull Request.

How to publish content

If you have access to the appropriate repo, here's what you do to publish:

  1. Add the content (accept a PR or do the above)
  2. Commit any changes
  3. Run make. This should update the submodule, build the html, push that back up to github, commit & push any leftover changes.
  4. Profit?