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Fast-Forward Jumpback? #1

akuiraz opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Could this method be used for when fastforwarding? I had a Moxi DVR Remote that did this... was very nice for when searching fast.


Don't get ya. Reformulate your question please.


Ok, say you are watching a tv show... you decide you want to fast forward through the commercials.... when you push the play button, the video would jumpback 6 seconds then resume playback.

basically what would need to change on your script is: instead of looking for the paused state, it would be looking for the fast forwarding state.... and the rest of the script would be the same if i'm not mistaken.


Did you try it?

It might be already working. I don't check on the paused state. I get a callback if playback is resumed (not sure when this callback is fired - might be its only fired when resuming from pause. But it might also be that it is fired when resuming after fast forward/seek).


will be fixed with next update - eta some days i guess...

@Memphiz Memphiz closed this
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