Apple airplay and raop protocol server
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Free portable AirPlay server implementation similar to ShairPort.

Currently only AirPort Express emulation is supported.


All the resources in this repository are written using only freely available information from the internet. The code and related resources are meant for educational purposes only. It is the responsibility of the user to make sure all local laws are adhered to.


sudo make install

Notice that libao is required in order to install the shairplay binary, otherwise only the library is compiled and installed.


Check available options with shairplay --help:

Usage: shairplay [OPTION...]

  -a, --apname=AirPort            Sets Airport name
  -p, --password=secret           Sets password
  -o, --server_port=5000          Sets port for RAOP service
      --ao_driver=driver          Sets the ao driver (optional)
      --ao_devicename=devicename  Sets the ao device name (optional)
      --ao_deviceid=id            Sets the ao device id (optional)
  -h, --help                      This help

Start the server with shairplay, if you are connected to a Wi-Fi the server should show as an AirPort Express on your iOS devices and Mac OS X computers in the same network.

Related software

  • ShairPort, original AirPort Express emulator
  • ALAC, ALAC decoder by David Hammerton


Short description about what each file in the main library does:

src/lib/base64.*         - base64 encoder/decoder
src/lib/dnssd.*          - dnssd helper functions
src/lib/http_parser.*    - HTTP parser from joyent (nginx fork)
src/lib/http_request.*   - Request parser that uses http_parser
src/lib/http_response.*  - Extremely simple HTTP response serializer
src/lib/httpd.*          - Generic HTTP/RTSP server
src/lib/logger.*         - Logging related functions
src/lib/netutils.*       - Mostly socket related code
src/lib/raop.*           - Main RAOP handler, handles all RTSP stuff
src/lib/raop_rtp.*       - Handles the RAOP RTP related stuff (UDP/TCP)
src/lib/raop_buffer.*    - Parses and buffers RAOP packets, resend logic here
src/lib/rsakey.*         - Decrypts and parses the RSA key to bigints
src/lib/rsapem.*         - Converts the RSA PEM key to DER encoded bytes
src/lib/sdp.*            - Extremely simple RAOP specific SDP parser
src/lib/utils.*          - Utils for reading a file and handling strings

Short description about what each file in the Qt application does:

AirTV-Qt/main.cpp                 - Initializes the application
AirTV-Qt/mainapplication.cpp      - Creates the tray icon and starts RAOP
AirTV-Qt/raopservice.cpp          - Handles all communication with the library
AirTV-Qt/raopcallbackhandler.cpp  - Converts C callbacks to Qt callbacks
AirTV-Qt/audiooutput.cpp          - Takes care of the actual audio output