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\file GUIListContainer.h
#pragma once
* Copyright (C) 2005-2008 Team XBMC
* This Program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This Program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with XBMC; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
* the Free Software Foundation, 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
#include "GUIControl.h"
#include "GUIListItemLayout.h"
#include "boost/shared_ptr.hpp"
#include "utils/Stopwatch.h"
typedef boost::shared_ptr<CGUIListItem> CGUIListItemPtr;
\ingroup controls
class CGUIBaseContainer : public CGUIControl
CGUIBaseContainer(int parentID, int controlID, float posX, float posY, float width, float height, ORIENTATION orientation, const CScroller& scroller, int preloadItems);
virtual ~CGUIBaseContainer(void);
virtual bool OnAction(const CAction &action);
virtual void OnDown();
virtual void OnUp();
virtual void OnLeft();
virtual void OnRight();
virtual bool OnMouseOver(const CPoint &point);
virtual bool CanFocus() const;
virtual bool OnMessage(CGUIMessage& message);
virtual void SetFocus(bool bOnOff);
virtual void AllocResources();
virtual void FreeResources(bool immediately = false);
virtual void UpdateVisibility(const CGUIListItem *item = NULL);
virtual unsigned int GetRows() const;
virtual bool HasNextPage() const;
virtual bool HasPreviousPage() const;
void SetPageControl(int id);
virtual CStdString GetDescription() const;
virtual void SaveStates(std::vector<CControlState> &states);
virtual int GetSelectedItem() const;
virtual void DoProcess(unsigned int currentTime, CDirtyRegionList &dirtyregions);
virtual void Process(unsigned int currentTime, CDirtyRegionList &dirtyregions);
void LoadLayout(TiXmlElement *layout);
void LoadContent(TiXmlElement *content);
void SetDefaultControl(int id, bool always) { m_staticDefaultItem = id; m_staticDefaultAlways = always; };
VIEW_TYPE GetType() const { return m_type; };
const CStdString &GetLabel() const { return m_label; };
void SetType(VIEW_TYPE type, const CStdString &label);
virtual bool IsContainer() const { return true; };
CGUIListItemPtr GetListItem(int offset, unsigned int flag = 0) const;
virtual bool GetCondition(int condition, int data) const;
CStdString GetLabel(int info) const;
void SetStaticContent(const std::vector<CGUIListItemPtr> &items);
/*! \brief Set the offset of the first item in the container from the container's position
Useful for lists/panels where the focused item may be larger than the non-focused items and thus
normally cut off from the clipping window defined by the container's position + size.
\param offset CPoint holding the offset in skin coordinates.
void SetRenderOffset(const CPoint &offset);
#ifdef _DEBUG
virtual void DumpTextureUse();
virtual EVENT_RESULT OnMouseEvent(const CPoint &point, const CMouseEvent &event);
bool OnClick(int actionID);
virtual void ProcessItem(float posX, float posY, CGUIListItemPtr& item, bool focused, unsigned int currentTime, CDirtyRegionList &dirtyregions);
virtual void Render();
virtual void RenderItem(float posX, float posY, CGUIListItem *item, bool focused);
virtual void Scroll(int amount);
virtual bool MoveDown(bool wrapAround);
virtual bool MoveUp(bool wrapAround);
virtual bool GetOffsetRange(int &minOffset, int &maxOffset) const;
virtual void ValidateOffset();
virtual int CorrectOffset(int offset, int cursor) const;
virtual void UpdateLayout(bool refreshAllItems = false);
virtual void SetPageControlRange();
virtual void UpdatePageControl(int offset);
virtual void CalculateLayout();
virtual void SelectItem(int item) {};
void SelectStaticItemById(int id);
virtual bool SelectItemFromPoint(const CPoint &point) { return false; };
virtual int GetCursorFromPoint(const CPoint &point, CPoint *itemPoint = NULL) const { return -1; };
virtual void Reset();
virtual unsigned int GetNumItems() const { return m_items.size(); };
virtual int GetCurrentPage() const;
bool InsideLayout(const CGUIListItemLayout *layout, const CPoint &point) const;
virtual void OnFocus();
void UpdateStaticItems(bool refreshItems = false);
int ScrollCorrectionRange() const;
inline float Size() const;
void MoveToRow(int row);
void FreeMemory(int keepStart, int keepEnd);
void GetCurrentLayouts();
CGUIListItemLayout *GetFocusedLayout() const;
CPoint m_renderOffset; ///< \brief render offset of the first item in the list \sa SetRenderOffset
float m_analogScrollCount;
unsigned int m_lastHoldTime;
ORIENTATION m_orientation;
int m_itemsPerPage;
std::vector< CGUIListItemPtr > m_items;
typedef std::vector<CGUIListItemPtr> ::iterator iItems;
CGUIListItemPtr m_lastItem;
int m_pageControl;
std::vector<CGUIListItemLayout> m_layouts;
std::vector<CGUIListItemLayout> m_focusedLayouts;
CGUIListItemLayout *m_layout;
CGUIListItemLayout *m_focusedLayout;
void ScrollToOffset(int offset);
void SetContainerMoving(int direction);
void UpdateScrollOffset(unsigned int currentTime);
CScroller m_scroller;
VIEW_TYPE m_type;
CStdString m_label;
bool m_staticContent;
bool m_staticDefaultAlways;
int m_staticDefaultItem;
unsigned int m_staticUpdateTime;
std::vector<CGUIListItemPtr> m_staticItems;
bool m_wasReset; // true if we've received a Reset message until we've rendered once. Allows
// us to make sure we don't tell the infomanager that we've been moving when
// the "movement" was simply due to the list being repopulated (thus cursor position
// changing around)
void UpdateScrollByLetter();
void GetCacheOffsets(int &cacheBefore, int &cacheAfter);
int GetCacheCount() const { return m_cacheItems; };
bool ScrollingDown() const { return m_scroller.IsScrollingDown(); };
bool ScrollingUp() const { return m_scroller.IsScrollingUp(); };
void OnNextLetter();
void OnPrevLetter();
void OnJumpLetter(char letter);
void OnJumpSMS(int letter);
std::vector< std::pair<int, CStdString> > m_letterOffsets;
/*! \brief Set the cursor position
Should be used by all base classes rather than directly setting it, as
this also marks the control as dirty (if needed)
virtual void SetCursor(int cursor);
inline int GetCursor() const { return m_cursor; };
/*! \brief Set the container offset
Should be used by all base classes rather than directly setting it, as
this also marks the control as dirty (if needed)
void SetOffset(int offset);
inline int GetOffset() const { return m_offset; };
int m_cursor;
int m_offset;
int m_cacheItems;
CStopWatch m_scrollTimer;
CStopWatch m_lastScrollStartTimer;
CStopWatch m_pageChangeTimer;
// letter match searching
CStopWatch m_matchTimer;
CStdString m_match;
float m_scrollItemsPerFrame;
static const int letter_match_timeout = 1000;
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