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Host variables

The following server variables are provided to Ansible from the Memset API:

Variable Name Type Description
memset_backups Boolean Whether this server has a backup service
memset_control_panel String describing the control panel, e.g. “none”, or “cpanel”.
memset_data_zone String The name of the data zone this service is in (if applicable). Some services that don’t have data at rest are data zone independent and this field will be empty.
memset_expiry_date Date The end date of the service.
memset_firewall_rule_group_name String The unique identifier for this rule group.
memset_firewall_rule_group_nickname String The nickname of this rule group.
memset_firewall_type String Describes the firewall type, e.g. “none”, “basic”, “self_managed” or “managed”.
memset_ignore_monitoring_off Boolean Whether the customer has acknowledged that they aren’t being monitored.
memset_monitor Boolean Whether we are monitoring this server
memset_monitoring_level String Describes the monitoring level, “basic”, “advanced” or “managed”
memset_network_zone String The name of the network zone this server is associated with
memset_nickname String The friendly 'nickname' of this server, set in the Control Panel
memset_no_auto_reboot Boolean Whether this server will be automatically rebooted by the Monitoring service
memset_os String Describes the Operating System installed, e.g. “debian_wheezy_64”, “win2012serverstd_r2_64”.
memset_penetration_patrol String The intrusion detection support level for this server e.g. “none”, “basic” = Self-monitored, “monitored” = Memset-monitored or “protected” = Memset-protected
memset_penetration_patrol_alert_level Integer The alert level that is set for Penetration Patrol intrusion detection (1-15) or 0 (penetration_patrol=”none”)
memset_renewal_price_amount Float The monetary amount for the monthly renewal including VAT
memset_renewal_price_currency String The currency for the renewal, e.g. “GBP”.
memset_renewal_price_vat Float The monetary amount for VAT on the monthly renewal
memset_start_date Date The start date of the service
memset_support_level String The support level of the server
memset_type String The type of server: server / miniserver
memset_vulnscan String whether this server is vulnerability scanned, ‘none’ = no scanning, ‘basic’ = Self-monitored, ‘managed’ = Memset-monitored.