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Memset Ansible Dynamic Inventory

This will allow you to create a dynamic Ansible inventory for your Memset servers, using the Memset API.


If you already have a /etc/ansible/hosts file, rename this to /etc/ansible/hosts-local.

Create a folder in its place: /etc/ansible/hosts.

Clone or download this repository to your local machine, and move memset to /etc/ansible/hosts, ensuring that it is executable.

You can merge the backup (/etc/ansible/hosts-local) with the file hosts-local in this repository, to mix dynamic and static groups.


This creates the Ansible host groups:

[memset-linux], [memset-windows], [memset-reading], [memset-dunsfold]

This also creates the Ansible variables, listed in Docs/

The variable ANSIBLE_MEMSET_KEY must be exported before running any ansible command:


You can now access your Memset hosts through ansible:

ansible memset-linux -m ping
ansible memset-reading -l memset-linux -m ping

API Key Requirements

API key must have access to at least: method:server.list, &


This is free software under the terms of MIT the license (check the COPYING file included in this repository).

Contact and support

The project website is at:

There you can file bug reports, ask for help or send pull requests.



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