This is a FUSE (file-system in Userspace) interface to Rackspace Cloudfiles & Openstack Object Storage.
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This is a FUSE (File-system in Userspace) interface to Rackspace Cloudfiles & Openstack Object Storage

Copyright (C) 2011 by Memset Ltd.

It was born out of the difficulty of experimenting with the original C version .

It is currently in a just working state!



  • python (2.6)
  • python-fuse (0.2.1)
  • python-rackspace-cloudfiles (1.7.9)
  • python-ftp-cloudfs (0.9)

These are the minimum recommended versions based in our testing environment.

To install the software, run following command:

python install


Put your credentials to the Object Storage in a file called .cloudfuse in your home directory (this is compatible with the C cloudfuse)


Once you have done that you can use

pycloudfuse /path/to/mount

To mount that storage. To unmount use

fusermount -u /path/to/mount

Most operations are supported. Note that "df -i" shows the inodes which is the number of files used.


pycloudfuse -h

To see a list of options, mostly inherited directly from fuse

To debug (or hack on) run like this

pycloudfuse -d -f ~/mnt/cloudfuse/

Which will print an enormous amount of debugging information to the console. You'll need to fusermount -u it from another terminal as you can't interrupt it with CTRL-C.

Things to note

You can only make directories in the root. Each root is a container object in the object storage.

Rename does work!

It won't work for more than 10,000 objects in a directory.


Make some mount options for user/key/authurl etc

Fix some of the FIXMEs


This is free software under the terms of MIT license (check COPYING file included in this package).

The server is loosely based on the BSD licensed sftpd server code from:

Contact and support

The project website is at:

There you can file bug reports, ask for help or contribute patches.