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###Free Pagebuilder and cms.

Content management system for websites. With pagebuilder inside. Easy to use and fast, too fast. No shortcodes needed.

INSTALLATION There are two ways to install.

  1. Using composer. Run composer create-project menaprocms/menapro menapro --prefer-dist
  2. Download from official website Unzip and upload content to your server.

MenaPro comes with autoinstaller. Access your hosting after uploading (or after composer) and it will launch automatically.


PHP (from 5.4 to 7) APACHE MySQL or MaríaDB

Wanna know more...

If you want to know more check the Official website.

Made for everyone

MenaPro has been designed to be easy and powerful, and it is. Everyone can create awesome sites in less time than with other cms.


Have found something that does not work as expected? Tell us or create a pull request.



Menapro 1.1.5

[+] Add php 7 compatibility

Menapro 1.1.4

[+] Asset packagist changes

Menapro 1.1.3

[*] Solved language issue

Menapro 1.1.2

[+] Add changelog to Readme

[*] Update jsblocksE.js

[*] Use FileHelper::createDirectory instead of mkdir

[*] Fixed problem when user lang is different than the active ones.

[*] Solved checking version issue

[-] Thumbnail function: Exception if file does not exists.

[-] 404 image extension.

Menapro 1.1.1

[-] News: Correct url in news list at home page.

[-] News: Added condition published in getSinglePost method.

[-] News management: Published button load the model value and is marked by default in new posts.

[-] News management: Toggle published refresh data of update post link.

[+] News: Added link to page content in view one post link.

[+] News management: Preview button.

Menapro 1.1.0

[+] Add news functionallity, categorizable content.

[+] New block news for use it.