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Please Note: The plugin in this repository requires Mendeley Desktop >= 1.5. It is not compatible with MD 1.3 and earlier.

The stable version of the plugin is bundled with Mendeley Desktop and can be installed via Tools -> Install LibreOffice Plugin.

The Mendeley OpenOffice Extension

This extension provides integration between Mendeley Desktop and OpenOffice/LibreOffice, providing the ability to insert citations from your Mendeley library into OpenOffice documents and generate a bibliography automatically.

Build prerequisites:

  • Python

Building the extension:

  1. Open a command prompt within the directory containing
  2. Run <version> <debug mode>
  • <version>: Version number to use for this plugin build.
  • <debug mode>: Boolean which specifies whether the debugger should be enabled in OpenOffice.
e.g. Run ` 1.5 true` to make version *1.5* as a *debug build*

(Note: Debug builds don't use custom error handling code, but instead OpenOffice/LibreOffice will open the debugger)

Installing the extension:

  1. Build the .oxt file using the steps above
  2. Start OpenOffice Writer, go to Tools -> Extension Manager, click the 'Add' button and select the generated .oxt file.

Running unit tests in OpenOffice:

  1. Build and install the .oxt file using the steps above
  2. Set the environment variable MENDELEY_OO_TEST_FILES to the full path of the testFiles/ directory
  3. Copy the tests/ file into your Mendeley data directory (see
  4. Run Mendeley Desktop with options --account --server local
  5. Run OpenOffice Writer and select Tools->Macros->Run Macro...
  6. From the tree choose My Macros->Mendeley->mendeleyUnitTests, and then choose the macro named runUnitTests()
  7. Click Run (currently it will only show a message if something goes wrong)

(Tip: it's handy to set up a "Run Unit Tests" toolbar button using Tools->Customise if you run the tests frequently)

Running other unit tests:

Prerequisite: Python 2.6 or 2.7

Non-interactive tests

  1. Ensure Mendeley Desktop is running
  2. Run "python src/"
  3. Run "python src/"

Interactive tests

  1. Ensure Mendeley Desktop is running
  2. Run "python src/" (this will prompt you for manual input and produce output based on your actions)