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App Store Template for Sketch


Quickly set up your Sketch file and export screens for the iPhone 4, 5, 6 and 6 Plus for the App Store.


Customize Screens

You can set up the screens by changing the Pattern Fill. This allows you to browse for the screenshot file in your computer.


Preset Backgrounds

You can use one of the Preset low polygon backgrounds that I created by changing the Pattern Fill to apply to all Backgrounds.


Individual Styles

Or, by selecting one of the Styles. This will apply to the Screenshots individually.


iPhones in 3 colors

You can also change your phone individually to Black, Gold and Silver.


Customize The Text

The text has a canvas area, which makes it easy to change it to single or multiple lines while having control over the alignment. Of course, you can use any typeface you’d like and it’ll automatically synchronize to all the screens.



The results are previewed directly in the document, making it easy to see if you did something wrong. Plus, it is encouraged to edit the final screens to give more individuality.


App Icon Template

I included an App Icon template that you can use for exporting to all the resolutions using a single Artboard.


High-Res Wallpapers

I'm also sharing 14 HD wallpapers. Big enough for the Macbook Pro Retina. Check the Wallpapers folder.



Sketch and Xcode tutorials: http://designcode.io



You can use all the resources any way you'd like.

Feel free to send me feedback on Twitter: @MengTo