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This is a OSPRay module of generalized tube primitives.
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OSPRay Generalized "Tubes" Geometry Module

What are tubes?

"Tubes" are basically a wide generalization of ospray's "StreamLines" geometry type. Whereas ospray's original stream lines only support a fixed radius for all control points, "tubes" allow a per-node radius, bifurcations and correct transparency.

Compile with OSPRay

Clone the repo into module folder inside OSPRay. Change "OSPRAY_MODULE_TUBES" to "ON". Re-compile.

Data Structure

In this module, the name of geometry is "tubes" and we need commit a "nodeData" and a "linkData" to OSPRay. Users can also commit "colorData" to have color per node. "nodeData" and "linkData" are both vector contains a list of node and a list of line. The basic node struct contains: position, radius. The basic line struct contains: current node index, its predecessor index.

All struct you can find in 'Neuron.h' under ospray/geometry folder.

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