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IRC3 Plugins


This is a repository with irc3 plugins for my personal use. IRC3 is a nice IRCv3 complient framework using Python.

They are mostly centered around usage on the Twitch network, which does'n exactly behave like other networks. I'm trying to make modules that don't have twitch in their name work on regular IRC networks though.


Connects to the Twitter streaming API and posts new tweets of users into a definable set of channels. Also hat the capability to post to a Discord Webhook.

Logs messages (only to channels) as raw IRC lines to files.

Enables IRCv3 capabilities on the Twitch network and does some basic handling.

Logs JSON API requests new and old about the Twitch channels the client is joined to. Those can become quite large, so they only write a timestamp when the JSON object didn't change.



A starter script that I use to keep IRC bots running via cron.