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OpenEmbedded/Yocto Distribution layer for Mentor Graphics
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OpenEmbedded/Yocto Distribution layer for Mentor Graphics

This layer holds the Mentor Embedded Linux distro configuration and supplementary files, and acts as a staging area for changes which Mentor Graphics requires, but which have not yet been merged into the upstream layers.

This layer depends on:

URI: git:// Branch: master

URI: git:// Revision: master


Browse url: Clone url: git://

To contribute to this layer you should submit the patches for review to the mailing list.

Mailing list:

When sending single patches, please use something like 'git send-email -1 --to'

When sending a series, please use poky/meta/scripts/create-pull-request (aka oe-core/scripts/create-pull-request).

Content Review

Distro bits

  • base-files: issue files
  • netbase: adjusted default interfaces file
  • psplash: mel splash image
  • core-image-base: added package-management
  • e2fsprogs: killed e2fsprogs compat dep on blkid/badblocks
  • archive-release: used to archive up content for release
  • other packagegroups

  • cml1-config class: consistent handling of defconfig -> .config with ala busybox & linux-yocto for fragments support

  • kernel-config-lttng - use cml1-config to enable the bits needed by lttng
  • user_features class: easier user manipulation of DISTRO_FEATURES from local.conf
  • buildstats-summary class: using buildstats, show a summary at the end of the build showing how many recipes ran do_populate_sysroot vs do_populate_sysroot_setscene
  • deploy-license-manifest class: this is fairly self explanatory. it deploys the manifest generated by license.bbclass into DEPLOY_DIR via an IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND, and also runs a sed script which produces a CSV version of the manifest in DEPLOY_DIR
  • mirrors class: a much simplified, compact version of the upstream default mirrors, without location-specific mirrors, and with more use of regex to reduce the number of entries
  • sstate-mirror-sites class: provides a convenient mechanism to automatically check sstate mirrors in the default sstate extra path, specified fallback hosts for native recipes, and a flat layout. As one example, this means that a mirror can be populated with native sstate archives in a RedHatEnterprise-5 directory, and knowing we can run binaries from that host, it will check there on the mirror:

    SSTATE_MIRROR_DISTROS += "RedHatEnterprise-5"
    SSTATE_MIRROR_SITES += "file:///cache/sstate http://my.server/sstate-cache"
  • isolated-sstate-dir class: link any used shared state archives into an isolated sstate directory, so we can distinguish between the contents of SSTATE_DIR and the sstate archives actually used for the build. This is needed by our release process.

Added recipes

  • archive-release: this creates tarballs of the individual layers, downloads, shared state, images, etc for release or for inclusion in installers. this is used for Mentor Embedded Linux.
  • chkconfig-alternatives - minimal target recipe, can be useful in a non-rpm environment if one wants to avoid cworth's update-alternatives
  • binutils originally from oe classic, pulled in for non-GPLv3 builds, so tools like oprofile and perf can be built and used
  • lttng{0-ust,-control,-viewer}: recipes for lttng 0.x, for machines with old lttng 0.x patched kernels
  • packagegroup-tools-benchmark: various benchmarking tools
  • packagegroup-role-nas
  • packagegroup-role-print-server
  • packagegroup-role-router
  • pyparted: this is currently unused by us, should be pushed to meta-oe
  • udev 164: old udev for machines on old kernels

Changes pending upstream push

  • classes
    • license-fixup.bbclass - this should go into license.bbclass. alters the manifest generation to always emit the licenses, even if they have no generic license files in DEPLOY_DIR/license
  • avahi-ui:
    • use PACKAGECONFIG for python module support, inherit python classes. without these bits, it will happy mess with the build machine's python
    • package avahi_discover in PYTHON_SITEPACKAGES_DIR
  • curl: allow selection of openssl vs gnutls
  • gconf: inherit gettext
  • gnome-disk-utility
    • add PACKAGECONFIG for the build of the nautilus extension
  • gnutls: update ${S}/lib/po/
  • linux-omap4
    • disable build of kernel samples for pandaboard
  • newt - splits out python module into a separate recipe. allows one to include libnewt in an image without sucking python into the build
  • packagegroup-base: include dosfstools in packagegroup-base-vfat
  • packagegroup-core-qt: define LIC_FILES_CHKSUM for MIT
  • packagegroup-core-ssh-openssh: define LIC_FILES_CHKSUM for MIT
  • packagegroup-core-tools-profile:
    • fix inclusion of lttng bits for mips, now that liburcu has mips support
    • include lttng 0.x packages for machines on old kernels which are patched for lttng 0.x
  • perf
  • portmap:
    • obey our target paths (base_sbindir, mandir)
  • samba
    • disable avahi support (build determinism issue)
    • without acl support (build determinism issue)
  • subversion: switch to apache archive to avoid fetch issues
  • wireless-tools
  • wpa-supplicant: add variable to select gnutls vs openssl
  • xz: adjusts license so it's clear GPLv3 files aren't shipped. upstream fixed this too, in a different way, but I think ours is superior, as it lets LICENSE reflect source licensing while the package licenses reflect what's shipped


All of these should be moved into meta-tracing:

  • linux-imx
  • linux-qoriq-sdk
  • linux-omap4
  • lttng-modules: a couple fixes, switch from 2.1.1 to 2.1.0 with intermediate commits from the master branch which incorporates additional probes

DSO Link Change

  • shared-mime-info

Disabled parallel make / install

  • gettext
  • libtool
  • lttng2-ust
  • openssh

Remanant PR/PRINC bumps

These can be dropped as soon as the recipe PV is bumped, but are kept around for now to avoid the package versions going backwards.

  • blktrace
  • gdbm
  • hostap
  • imx-lib
  • irda-utils
  • packagegroup-core-device-devel
  • perl
  • python
  • setserial
  • wireless-tools


  • busybox: dep on meta-oe's fbset-modes if CONFIG_FBSET=y
  • binutils-libs, oprofile: add and use more minimal binutils recipe for oprofile. This recipe just builds libbfd and libiberty
  • libffi: patches for mips o32/n32
  • boot-format: use a different repo with additional files
  • udev: retained 164 recipe for machines that still need it
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