A VR conversational game leaded by an actor
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A VR conversational game leaded by an actor

For this HTC Vive experience you will need: A 5x1m space A mobile phone running android 4.4 minimum One player and One actor (over the internet, they don't need to share the same space/connection)

What is The Magic Forest?

The Magic forest is a narrative driven experience that mixes VR and theatre! You (the player) have to reach the centre of the lake. In order to do so the 3 aquardians of the lake will ask you very personal questions that reveal your true self. If you answer them with honesty they will allow you to advance to the next aquardian. Once in the centre the fountain of truth will reveal your true self depending on your answers!

Aquardian of strength

Fountain of truth

How can I play it?

The project contains 2 scenes, TestVoice and TestVoiceMobile.

Set the target platform to Android and build&run TestVoiceMobile on an android phone. This app is for the Actor, using it he/she can see where the the user is, cast his voice from the different aquardians (the system will distort the voice accordingly) and enable the elements of the scene like enabling rocks for the user to cross the lake or changing the result the player will get from the fountain of truth. Make sure you have internet connection!

Run in the editor, or in a standalone build the TestVoice scene using an HTCVive. You will need a 5x1m space, start in the first rock available and start talking to the aquardians to advance in the experience. Make sure you have internet connection!

Tips for the actor:

  • Give each aquardian a unique personallity. It is great if you decided this before hand so you are ready to improvise. In our demo the first one was introducing the user and asking him about his greatest passion, the second one (with a very smurffy voice) asked things related to love, and the third one (huge and with a very deep distorted voice) about strength.
  • Try to engage the user to have long conversations, not just 1 question 1 answer. The more they spend talking to the different aquardians the more they will be immersed in the experience.
  • You can see where the user is looking at on the phone, but you are free to cast your voice from each aquardian. Make them have conversations between them to maximise the feeling of being surrounded by intelligent beings
  • Don't forget to reset the rocks for new players
  • Don't forget to press the EVIL or GOOD button before they look into the mirror reveling their "true self"
  • Always stay in character so the illusion is not ruined.
  • Be creative and spontaneousm and have fun!

Who made this project?

This project was created during the Future Artists VR event during a workday and a half by: