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Manage your docker containers, images and networks in a nice and clean way.
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#DWatch [![Build Status](]( [![Build status](]( [![Coverage Status](](

Note: Windows builds and releases are currently broken because of a bug in TypeScript. Please stay tuned.

This is a very basic productivity tool for managing your docker containers, images and networks. It supports your local docker installation just as your swarm cluster. Its available for OS X (as .dmg), Linux (as .deb) and Windows (as .exe). If you're interested, please have a look at the release page.

If you find bugs please file an issue.

Screenshot dashboard Screenshot containers Screenshot container detail Screenshot image detail

##Motivation Im a big fan of docker and how it simplifies my daily work. No more npm install for 50+ projects, you know what I mean :) But basically DWatch is a big technology evaluation for our upcoming SPAs. We tried several architectures and hot frameworks in separate small applications for battle testing different concepts against our needs. DWatch is an almost production-ready app and we proudly present it to you :) There are many things missing and many things can be done better in future.

##Core technologies

And for build, testing and distributing: webpack, babel, karma, electron, electron-builder and many more :)

Thanks to all participating devs for such great tools :)

##Roadmap and missing features

  • networks
  • volumes
  • cluster view (nodes)
  • test coverage
  • overall refactoring

Some long-term features that I want to add (no order):

  • filter/search for containers, images, networks
  • terminal support for container
  • filesystem changes for container
  • querying registry (private and docker hub)
  • better networking support

##Local development

  • install deps: npm install
  • start a watch task: npm run watch
  • start electron: npm run start

After these steps DWatch appears on your desktop and code changes inside src/ are reflected instantly.

##Special thanks goes to

  • @donaldpipowitch for many inspiring discussions about ... everything :)
  • @mweststrate for enlightening conversations on gitter and github about how mobx works
  • @remojansen for uncomplicated and great support about inversify
  • and to all people at docker for creating such an amazing environment
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