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Import Less files from Bower packages

This plugin requires Less in version >= 2.0.0-b2.


$ npm install --save-dev less-plugin-bower-resolve


Just add --bower-resolve when you use lessc. You can learn more about lessc here. Here is an example:

$ lessc --bower-resolve styles.less styles.css

If you @import a Less file now, it will try to resolve the file from your bower_components/ directory first (or a custom directory, if you use .bowerrc) and fallback to the old behavior, if no Bower package can be found. If you explicitly not want to load a module from bower_components/ you can use absolute or relative paths like @import "./hello/world";. If the Bower packages references multiple Less files in the "main" property of bower.json (or .bower.json or component.json) all of the will be imported.

Let's look at an example. If you have:

@import "my-module";

And you have a my-module/ inside bower_components/ with a bower.json like this:

  "main": [

Than src/hello.less and src/world.less will be imported. Prior to that you would have to do that:

@import "bower_components/my-module/src/hello.less";
@import "bower_components/my-module/src/world.less";

This was very error prone as you couldn't know if a Bower package author would rename the src/, hello.less or world.less or if he introduces new files, removes old ones or changes their order.

Anyway - if you really want you can target a specific file inside a Bower package like this:

@import "my-module/src/hello.less";

This will at least stopping you from prepending bower_components/ to your imports. If you distributed a Less file via Bower before and used other packages you know that it's bad to hard-code bower_components/ this way, because you can't customize the directory via .bowerrc anymore.


Run the tests with $ npm test.