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I'm recycling my old broken tablet as a digital sign
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I'm recycling my old broken tablet (named elcondor, dont ask) as a digital sign. The touchscreen is broken, and I need:

  • a nice clock
  • weather display
  • bus schedule display

The setup

The touchscreen doesn't work; and its windows 8-RT, so I can only install apps from the windows store (without hacking the OS). Therefore I opted to go for a website, which is deployed straight from the github repo, using rawgit. I deployed the website on the tablet, pic related: condor_signage deployed on elcondor


An explanation of design decisions and used APIs.


I used to source the weather data. You can request a free API key, and paste it in condor_signage's interface which the site stores in your localStorage. The location for the weather data is customizable, by providing a location ID which is also stored in localStorage.


Using googles maps javascript API, the transit directions are requested between 2 customizable points. Again, an API key has to be provided, and can be requested on The origin and destination of the transit should be provided in the form of a google placeId.


I'm going to be honest, I find user interfaces very difficult. I'm content with the current aesthetic, but it probably doesn't scale to anything other than the elcondor tablet. Improvements could be made here, like proper scaling on elements, setting bounds on the scripts (so it doesn't run of the screen with routes) and more, but i have no plans to do so.

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