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This file documents how to use clang as the C compiler with Mercury. Support
for Mercury with clang has been tested on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. To use
clang as the C compiler for Mercury invoke Mercury's configure script with the
--with-cc option set as follows:
$ ./configure --with-cc=clang
Note that the asm_fast* and reg* grades are not usable with clang as they rely
on GNU C extensions that clang does not support.
Versions of LLVM (the underlying compiler infrastructure used by clang) before
about 2.9 contain bugs that require most C compiler optimizations to be
disabled when compiling Mercury generated C code with clang (i.e. the generated
C files have to be compiled at -O0). If you are using a more recent version of
LLVM then the configure script will automatically enable a higher level of
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