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# vim: ts=8 sw=8 noexpandtab
# Copyright (C) 1995-2012 The University of Melbourne.
# This file may only be copied under the terms of the GNU General
# Public Licence - see the file COPYING in the Mercury distribution.
# This is the Mmakefile for building the Mercury deep profiler.
include $(MERCURY_DIR)/Mmake.common
# Override some settings from ../Mmake.workspace so that in debugging grades
# we do not include mer_mdbcomp.init when creating the _init.c files in
# this directory. We copy the mdbcomp modules into this directory so if we
# do include mer_mdbcomp.init we will end up with duplicate entries in the
# _init.c files.
C2INITFLAGS = --trace-init-file $(BROWSER_DIR)/$(BROWSER_LIB_NAME).init
-include Mmake.deep.params
# Override the default rule in `mmake --use-mmc-make' that asks `mmc' to
# create a missing optional params file.
# Module-specific options should go in Mercury.options so they
# can be found by `mmc --make'.
include Mercury.options
mdprof_cgi \
mdprof_test \
mdprof_dump \
mdprof_create_feedback \
mdprof_report_feedback \
# Always compile the deep profiler, even if it is not enabled.
DEPEND=$(patsubst %,%.depend,$(ALL_DEEP_MODULES))
PDBS=$(patsubst %,%.pdb,$(ALL_DEEP_MODULES))
ifeq ("$(ENABLE_DEEP_PROFILER)","yes")
builtin_modules.m \
feedback.automatic_parallelism.m \
feedback.m \
mdbcomp.m \
mdbcomp.goal_path.m \
prim_data.m \
program_representation.m \
rtti_access.m \
shared_utilities.m \
slice_and_dice.m \
sym_name.m \
MLFLAGS += --shared
# Tell the C# compiler where the stdlib assembly is.
ifneq ("$(filter csharp%,$(GRADE))","")
CSCFLAGS=-lib:../library -r:mer_std.dll
ifneq ("$(filter il% csharp% java% erlang%,$(GRADE))","")
# The deep profiler contains quite a lot of C code for which there are
# currently not C#, IL, Java or Erlang implementations. We need to pass
# `--allow-stubs' in order to compile it.
ifneq ("$(filter il% csharp% java% erlang%,$(GRADE))","")
MCFLAGS += --allow-stubs --no-warn-stubs
.PHONY: nothing
.PHONY: depend
# This directory contains source files for which the module
# name doesn't match the file name, so smart recompilation
# won't work without the Mercury.modules file.
.PHONY: Mercury.modules
Mercury.modules: DEEP_FLAGS
.PHONY: all
# We use the sentinel file .mdbcomp_modules to avoid the race condition that
# exists because the rule would normally be invoked for each of the mdbcomp
# modules. Note that a .PHONY target does not work. However, we also need
# to use the no-op action '@' to allow make to see that the timestamps on
# the $(MDBCOMP_MODULES) have changed and that other things may need
# rebuilding.
$(MDBCOMP_MODULES): .mdbcomp_modules
# We need to start by turning write permission on for each copied file
# in case some exist, but we need to ignore errors in case some don't exist.
# The exit 0 is to prevent make itself from printing a message about the
# (ignored) failure of an action.
.mdbcomp_modules: $(MDBCOMP_ORIG_MODULES)
-@chmod a+w $(MDBCOMP_MODULES) > /dev/null 2>&1; exit 0
for f in $(MDBCOMP_MODULES) ; do \
if test -s "$$f" ; then \
if cmp "$$f" "$(MDBCOMP_DIR)/$$f" ; then \
true ; \
else \
cp "$(MDBCOMP_DIR)/$$f" . ; \
fi \
else \
cp "$(MDBCOMP_DIR)/$$f" . ; \
fi \
@chmod a-w $(MDBCOMP_MODULES)
touch $@
# Add some additional dependencies, so that Mmake knows to remake the
# profiler if one of the libraries changes.
ifeq ("$(filter il% csharp% java% erlang%,$(GRADE))","")
mdprof_cgi: $(RUNTIME_DIR)/lib$(RT_LIB_NAME).$A
mdprof_cgi: $(LIBRARY_DIR)/lib$(STD_LIB_NAME).$A
mdprof_test: $(RUNTIME_DIR)/lib$(RT_LIB_NAME).$A
mdprof_test: $(LIBRARY_DIR)/lib$(STD_LIB_NAME).$A
mdprof_dump: $(RUNTIME_DIR)/lib$(RT_LIB_NAME).$A
mdprof_dump: $(LIBRARY_DIR)/lib$(STD_LIB_NAME).$A
mdprof_create_feedback: $(RUNTIME_DIR)/lib$(RT_LIB_NAME).$A
mdprof_create_feedback: $(LIBRARY_DIR)/lib$(STD_LIB_NAME).$A
mdprof_report_feedback: $(RUNTIME_DIR)/lib$(RT_LIB_NAME).$A
mdprof_report_feedback: $(LIBRARY_DIR)/lib$(STD_LIB_NAME).$A
mdprof_procrep: $(RUNTIME_DIR)/lib$(RT_LIB_NAME).$A
mdprof_procrep: $(LIBRARY_DIR)/lib$(STD_LIB_NAME).$A
# XXX Should also depend on $(BOEHM_GC_DIR)/libgc(_prof).$A, but only
# if in .gc(.prof) grade.
$(cs_subdir)mdprof_cgi_init.c: $(UTIL_DIR)/mkinit$(EXT_FOR_EXE)
$(cs_subdir)mdprof_test_init.c: $(UTIL_DIR)/mkinit$(EXT_FOR_EXE)
$(cs_subdir)mdprof_dump_init.c: $(UTIL_DIR)/mkinit$(EXT_FOR_EXE)
$(cs_subdir)mdprof_create_feedback_init.c: $(UTIL_DIR)/mkinit$(EXT_FOR_EXE)
$(cs_subdir)mdprof_report_feedback_init.c: $(UTIL_DIR)/mkinit$(EXT_FOR_EXE)
$(cs_subdir)mdprof_procrep_init.c: $(UTIL_DIR)/mkinit$(EXT_FOR_EXE)
.PHONY: check
check: DEPEND=$(patsubst %,%.check,$(ALL_DEEP_MODULES))
.PHONY: ints
ints: DEPEND=$(patsubst %,%.ints,$(ALL_DEEP_MODULES))
# We need the shenanigans with .deep_tags to avoid situations in which an
# "mmake tags" in this directory does nothing even in the absence of a tags
# file in this directory, because mmake uses VPATH to find ../library/tags
# and believes it to be the tags file we are asking for.
.PHONY: tags
tags: .deep_tags
$( \
$( \
$( \
$( \
$( \
.deep_tags: $(MTAGS) $(DEEP_MS) \
$(wildcard $(MDBCOMP_DIR)/*.m) \
$(wildcard $(LIBRARY_DIR)/*.m)
@touch .deep_tags
.PHONY: tags_file_exists
@if test ! -f tags; then echo making tags; \
touch .deep_tags; \
.PHONY: dates
touch $(mdprof_cgi.dates) \
$(mdprof_test.dates) \
$(mdprof_dump.dates) \
$(mdprof_create_feedback.dates) \
$(mdprof_report_feedback.dates) \
.PHONY: os cs
os: $(mdprof_cgi.os) $(os_subdir)mdprof_cgi_init.o
os: $(mdprof_test.os) $(os_subdir)mdprof_test_init.o
os: $(mdprof_dump.os) $(os_subdir)mdprof_dump_init.o
os: $(mdprof_create_feedback.os) $(os_subdir)mdprof_create_feedback_init.o
os: $(mdprof_report_feedback.os) $(os_subdir)mdprof_report_feedback_init.o
os: $(mdprof_procrep.os) $(os_subdir)mdprof_procrep_init.o
cs: $(mdprof_cgi.cs) $(cs_subdir)mdprof_cgi_init.c
cs: $(mdprof_test.cs) $(cs_subdir)mdprof_test_init.c
cs: $(mdprof_dump.cs) $(cs_subdir)mdprof_dump_init.c
cs: $(mdprof_create_feedback.cs) $(cs_subdir)mdprof_create_feedback_init.c
cs: $(mdprof_report_feedback.cs) $(cs_subdir)mdprof_report_feedback_init.c
cs: $(mdprof_procrep.cs) $(cs_subdir)mdprof_procrep_init.c
rm -f .deep_tags tags DEEP_FLAGS \
.mdbcomp_modules $(MDBCOMP_MODULES) mdbcomp.*.err
rm -f $(PDBS) vc*.pdb
# Installation targets
.PHONY: install
install: $(INSTALL)
# We don't install mdprof_test, since it is not for users.
# The code of the install_cgi_progs target is duplicated in
# bindist/, though the two rules refer to mdprof_cgi
# by different paths.
.PHONY: install_cgi_progs
install_cgi_progs: mdprof_cgi mdprof_dump mdprof_test \
mdprof_create_feedback mdprof_report_feedback
# $(INSTALL_CGI_DIR) is likely to be writeable only by root or
# the www system administrator, which is why we don't consider a
# failure of this action to be an error. If the command fails,
# the install action in ../Mmakefile will remind the user to do
# the copy later.
# The mv before the cp is there in case the executable is being
# executed when we do the install. The mv is of course expected to
# fail during a first-time installation. The rm is before the move
# in case this is the third or later installation.
-if test $(ENABLE_DEEP_PROFILER) = yes ; then \
if test -w $(INSTALL_CGI_DIR) ; then \
rm -f $(INSTALL_CGI_DIR)/mdprof_cgi.was ; \
mv -f $(INSTALL_CGI_DIR)/mdprof_cgi \
$(INSTALL_CGI_DIR)/mdprof_cgi.was ; \
cp mdprof_cgi $(INSTALL_CGI_DIR) ; \
else \
echo "cannot install mdprof_cgi: " \
"$(INSTALL_CGI_DIR) is not writeable"; \
fi \
# We also install mdprof_cgi in $(INSTALL_MERC_BIN_DIR).
# This is done just so that it can easily get put in the binary
# distribution (even if the step above failed). It is useful for
# mdprof_test and mdprof_dump to be available when debugging problems
# with the deep profiler, so we install them as well.
cp `vpath_find mdprof_cgi$(EXT_FOR_EXE)` \
cp `vpath_find mdprof_test$(EXT_FOR_EXE)` \
cp `vpath_find mdprof_dump$(EXT_FOR_EXE)` \
cp `vpath_find mdprof_create_feedback$(EXT_FOR_EXE)` \
cp `vpath_find mdprof_report_feedback$(EXT_FOR_EXE)` \
# We try to uninstall mdprof_cgi, but failure to do so is not an
# error for two reasons: because we may simply lack permission to
# update the directory, and because the deep profiler installation
# may not have been enabled in the first place. (Looking at the current
# value of $(ENABLE_DEEP_PROFILER) to check for the latter wouldn't
# necessarily do any good, since its setting may have changed since
# the original install.)
-rm -f $(INSTALL_CGI_DIR)/mdprof_cgi
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