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# vim: ts=8 sw=8 noexpandtab
# Copyright (C) 2002-2003, 2005, 2007, 2011 The University of Melbourne.
# This file may only be copied under the terms of the GNU Library General
# Public License - see the file COPYING.LIB in the Mercury distribution.
# This Mmakefile provides some targets for building and installing most
# of the libraries and tools in this `extras' distribution.
# Note that not all subdirectories of `extras' are set up for
# automatic installation. This Mmakefile will only build those which are.
# In addition, libraries which are not reasonably portable won't get built.
# The following subdirectories are not included in the list that gets
# built by this Mmakefile, because they are often won't install
# "out-of-the-box":
# curs requires ncurses to be available
# curses requires ncurses to be available
# graphics/easyx requires Xlib to be available
# graphics/mercury_allegro see README file in that directory for details
# graphics/mercury_cairo see README file in that directory for details
# graphics/mercury_glut requires GLUT (or freeglut) to be available
# graphics/mercury_opengl requires OpenGL to be available
# graphics/mercury_tcltk requires Tcl/Tk to be available
# morphine see morphine/README for instructions on how to install
# trailed_update doesn't work in all compilation grades
# lex see the Makefile in that directory for details
# logged_output requires a specially-configured Mercury installation
# odbc requires an ODBC driver be installed
base64 \
cgi \
complex_numbers \
dynamic_linking \
error \
fixed \
lex \
moose \
posix \
references \
windows_installer_generator \
main_target: all
depend: $(SUBDIRS:%=%_depend)
all: $(SUBDIRS)
install: all $(SUBDIRS:%=%_install)
clean: $(SUBDIRS:%=%_clean)
realclean: $(SUBDIRS:%=%_realclean)
$(SUBDIRS:%=%_depend): %_depend:
cd $* && $(MMAKE) $(MMAKEFLAGS) depend
$(SUBDIRS): %:
cd $* && $(MMAKE) $(MMAKEFLAGS)
$(SUBDIRS:%=%_install): %_install:
cd $* && $(MMAKE) $(MMAKEFLAGS) install
$(SUBDIRS:%=%_clean): %_clean:
cd $* && $(MMAKE) $(MMAKEFLAGS) clean
$(SUBDIRS:%=%_realclean): %_realclean:
cd $* && $(MMAKE) $(MMAKEFLAGS) realclean
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