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Update the vim syntax file.

Branches: main, 11.01

Update the vim syntax file.

	Highlight the recently added scopes.

	Delete some stuff related to the old C interface.
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1 parent 42c188a commit e03aff0dac546d6eed7782ba36445fa661ed8f40 Julien Fischer committed Jan 5, 2011
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  1. +4 −2 vim/syntax/mercury.vim
@@ -43,12 +43,15 @@ syn keyword mercuryKeyword cc_nondet cc_multi
syn keyword mercuryKeyword typeclass instance where
syn keyword mercuryKeyword pragma promise external
syn keyword mercuryKeyword trace atomic or_else
+syn keyword mercuryKeyword require_complete_switch
+syn keyword mercuryKeyword require_det require_semidet require_multi
+syn keyword mercuryKeyword require_nondet require_cc_multi require_cc_nondet
+syn keyword mercuryKeyword require_erroneous require_failure
syn keyword mercuryPragma inline no_inline
syn keyword mercuryPragma type_spec source_file fact_table obsolete
syn keyword mercuryPragma memo loop_check minimal_model
syn keyword mercuryPragma terminates does_not_terminate check_termination
syn keyword mercuryPragma promise_equivalent_clauses
-syn keyword mercuryCInterface c_header_code c_code
syn keyword mercuryCInterface foreign_proc foreign_decl foreign_code
syn keyword mercuryCInterface foreign_type foreign_import_module
syn keyword mercuryCInterface foreign_export_enum foreign_export
@@ -65,7 +68,6 @@ syn keyword mercuryCInterface may_duplicate may_not_duplicate
syn keyword mercuryCInterface affects_liveness
syn keyword mercuryCInterface does_not_affect_liveness doesnt_affect_liveness
syn keyword mercuryCInterface no_sharing unknown_sharing sharing
-syn keyword mercuryCInterface export import
syn keyword mercuryImpure impure semipure
syn keyword mercuryToDo XXX TODO NOTE
syn keyword mercuryLogical some all not if then else true fail false

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