A little libcURL binding for Delphi XE2+. Supports “easy” interface only. See wiki for more documentation.
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About curl4delphi

curl4delphi is a simple Delphi XE2+ binding for libcURL.

© 2015–2017 Mikhail Merkuryev

My initial version supports “easy” interface only.

Note from developer

Version 0.3 “Tokyo” is out! It is much easier than 0.2.

Check it now, though you can face some incompatibilities with older versions. But I think they are easy to overcome, nothing was changed radically.

Quick start

  1. Add files Curl.Lib, Curl.Easy, Curl.Interfaces to your project.
  2. Write such a piece of code.
  curl : ICurl;

curl := CurlGet;

[To use streams for receiving, check EasyHttp\StreamedDl].



Shows version


Basic HTTP GET, same as written above.

RawHttp\Simple, EasyHttp\Simple

Redirection, basic HTTP GET, GetInfo

RawHttp\Https, EasyHttp\Https

Redirection, basic HTTPS support, CA files, Unicode in file names.

Warning: download a CA file such as cacert.pem.


Downloading to Delphi TStream’s.


A GUI file downloader. This example is rather complex because of multithreading and Content-Disposition. We do as most browsers do: request headers, then start writing to temporary file and simultaneously ask where to save it on HDD.

Inter-thread communication, transfer function, quick-and-dirty header parsing.

RawHttp\AplusB_Post, EasyHttp\AplusB_Post

A simple form demo. Please copy php_curl directory to a PHP-capable web server.

Forms (one field is set in a simple way, the other in more complex one).


File uploading: disk file (2 ways), memory buffer, stream.

ICurl cloning demo (not particularly good, it is more an illustration that Clone works).

Please copy php_curl directory to a PHP-capable web server.


Using ICurlGetBuilder to build a GET URL. Please copy php_curl directory to a PHP-capable web server.


MIT for library, public domain for examples.