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Releases: MerginMaps/input

Mergin Maps Input 1.7.0

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  • upgraded PROJ library to 9.0.1 to add support for TIFF files ( #2199 )
  • back button on Android does not close the app immediately ( #2187 )
  • reduced crash rate when hitting the back button on HUAWEI devices ( #2187 )


  • fixed wrong language selection for common EU languages ( #2186 )

Release 1.6.1 [Windows only]

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Release 1.6.1 - windows only release

  • Fix crashes in snaputils in #2164
  • QDirIterator on Windows - Fix Windows sync in #2176

Windows build remains experimental - meaning it can include other bugs

Release 1.6.0

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🚀 Release 1.6.0 introduces two new features:

  • Snapping support #2126
  • Support for splitting geometry of polygons and linestrings #2137

Both features are funded by

We have also finalised the rebranding, Input is now called "Mergin Maps" and has the new logo.

Thanks to the mobileGIS funding, Windows build is now available again!
You can find it attached in the release (.exe file), feel free to test it and report any issues you find.

Release 1.5.2

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New features in this release

  • Added delete account functionality (#2083)

Other fixes and changes

  • public server URL has been updated after refactoring (#2110)
  • fix bug when empty directory caused photo widget failure (#2107)
  • removed rebranding banner (#2112)

Release 1.5.1

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New features in this release

  • added possibility to rescale taken images to save storage (#2054)

Fixes in this release

  • fixed several issues when database schema changes (#2051, #2047)
  • refresh map canvas after a sync (#2046)
  • added special handling for the names of the conflicted files for QGIS project files (#2075)

Other changes

  • delete button is hidden when adding new features (#2103)

Release 1.5.0

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Mergin Maps rebranding release

  • Rebranding - new logos, splash screen and several screens in (#2063)
  • SDK 15 on iOS in (#2057)

Release 1.4.0

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🚀 New features in Input 1.4.0:

  • Input can now automatically sync your local changes (Autosync) to Mergin cloud ( #537 ). Funded by Agrimotion (
  • Projects can now be synchronised via new synchronisation button directly on a map ( #537 )
  • Added option to see local changes from project "more" menu ( #537 )
  • Added support for Could Optimized GeoTIFFs ( MerginMaps/input-sdk#46 )
  • Longer project names and project namespaces are now shortened from left ( #1996 )


  • QR Code reader now uses autofocus ( #1949 )
  • QR Code reader can scan the same code over and over again ( #1647 )

Release 1.3.0

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Release 1.3.0 comes filled with exciting new functionality.


  • Added possibility to connect external GNSS receiver on Android devices
  • Added possibility to stake out point features
  • Added support for JPEG and PNG formats
  • Updated to 3.22.3 QGIS version
  • Edit conflict files are now being synced to Mergin


  • Fixed issue with blank page instead of camera on Android 12 devices

Release 1.2.0

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Release 1.2.0 brings several fixes, features and infrastructure changes:


  • Added attention banner leading directly to Mergin (#1752)
  • Added GPS panel showing information about mobile GPS source (#1750)
  • Use of Project Extent to zoom map in "zoom to project" button (#1762)
  • Update of used QGIS version to 3.22 (#1751)
  • Added support for delimited text provider (#1751)
  • Added support for WFS provider (#1751)
  • Added panel displaying information about layers that could not be loaded (#1763)
  • Added new UI for calendar and time picker (#1826)


  • Fix sync problems in some scenarios (#1772)
  • Fix double typing characters on iOS language specific keyboards (#1726)
  • Fix crashes connected to value relations (#1734)
  • Fix photo exif for iOS (#1698)

Release 1.1.0

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Release 1.1.0 bears an important Android storage update and few other fixes:

  • Use of scoped storage on Android devices #1711
  • Support for active user on Android devices #1711
  • Fix of swapped lat/long in Exif metadata on iOS #1698
  • Fix of value relations editor, when referenced id has value over 10.000
  • Fix of crashes related to loading projects on startup #1688

On Android, your data are now going to be migrated to internal app folder, see more here:

We are also dropping our support for Android 6, new minimal version of Android is 7