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Meridian59 commented Jan 21, 2013

We should replace the use of Crusher for compression in bgfs with something like zlib. This would also require a tool to convert all of the existing bgfs. This would get us a big step closer to not needing Crusher at all.


cyberjunk commented Jun 15, 2013

Have a look at this commit on my fork:

It's just a few lines, but it basically adds zlib compressed BGF support to dibutil.c, introducing a new BGF version of 10. I implemented it so the versions (< 10 for crush and > = 10 for zlib) can coexist for a few release builds before crush32 might be finally dropped...

It uses the zlib version that is already part of Meridian 59 project.

I also added a zlib compressed testbgf (ivy circlet), see comment on the commit for link.
It works for me so far..

I also already updated my BgfEditor tool, so it can save BGF as version 10 now, if you want more examples...


cyberjunk commented Jun 15, 2013

First commit above was for decompressing only (i.e. in client).

This commit is for writebgf.c to (write them as version 10 and zlib compressed):

But I wasn't able to test this yet, except for successful compilation.


Meridian59 commented Jun 17, 2013

See my comments--you have a start, but all readers must be updated first.

roomedit is particularly a problem. It might be a lot of work to get it to link with zlib.

cyberjunk pushed a commit to cyberjunk/meridian59-orig that referenced this issue Dec 1, 2013

Merge pull request #32 from M59Gar/ImpCap
Oriumpor's Imp Cap Removal

Meridian59 commented Jan 1, 2015

bgfs were converted a long time ago

@Meridian59 Meridian59 closed this Jan 1, 2015

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