Show colors of murderers & outlaws in "Who's online list" #18

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See gilroy forum thread:
Open Source / Small patch suggestion (ObjectFlags/WhoList)

First commit in pullreq is the original patch from forum thread.
Second one is a slightly cleaned up variant.

If you don't like it, don't add it :-)
But I suggest applying solution B from forumthread then to not send this information to the client.

cyberjunk added some commits Nov 17, 2012
@cyberjunk cyberjunk Update clientd3d/ownerdrw.c
Show colors of PKs and outlaws in the "Who is online list"
@cyberjunk cyberjunk Update clientd3d/ownerdrw.c
cleaned up last change

I like this idea.


@Meridian59 Meridian59 merged commit e6b6a49 into Meridian59:master Mar 4, 2013

There is a slight bug with this change.

I had a mortal character who was white and I vilified him, in the who list his name remained white.
I had a mortal character who was red and I pardoned him, in the who list his name remained red.

Until I did a manual reset of the client, then the WHO list refreshed. It seems that the who list is not refreshing when opened for a players new status.

A fix would be for the who list to check each time it it is opened for the character's status...


There is no "updating" of the flags of an entry in the who's online list on the client.
There is only "add entry" and "remove entry" (if player logs in or out) and "send the whole list" (if you log in).

If someone becomes a murderer or outlaw, he/she will not immediately turn red in your "Who's online list", also if you pardon someone, he will not turn white immediately in your "Who's online list".

Either you, or the object with the changed flags needs to login+logout to make changes visible in your list.

EDIT: the easiest way to make the list more "live" and the flags changes visible instantly would be to first send a BP_PLAYER_REMOVE, to remove the entry, and then again add it with updated flags by BP_PLAYER_ADD


Yeah I totally agree, the list should be updated live to not confuse players. Although I just wanted to point out it's not really a "bug" :-)

Oh and btw: The entries also get updated after a server save in your client, because the server resends the whole playerlist.


Any chance for a quick fix / hot fix on this? It just went live and people are already getting around it by using shadow form (black name on black background), or morph / anonymous upon login to get a white name even though they're red. It's going to be very confusing.

Posted here: #200

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