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M59Gar commented Jan 2, 2013

These 3 commits include:

  • Instant penalties (no ghosts) for opt-in pvp, based on a 5 minute pvp flag. Halo war, soldier shield, and murderer/outlaw combat is affected, eliminating ghosts for those combatants. Innocents always retain ghosts. This creates a certain rebalancing between reds and whites, on purpose. PKs will have to enforce 10 minute ghosts, but will instantly pen if they themselves are logged. This is important because white characters can otherwise interfere and get reds back online without hunters being able to stop them. Basically, eliminating ghosts eliminates a huge array of abuses.
  • Hometown penalties. Those who pen return to their hometown inn, so that they are not locked out of the game. Otherwise, a different character would be required to continue playing. This allows a person to play fully with just one character.
  • Flat penalties. All penalties are 1 item, 2% spells, 2% skills for everyone. Murderers do not double pen. Penalties do not reduce soldier shield status. This change is necessary to eliminate the rising pen system, which gives X free pens a day, where X is the number of fresh characters someone owns. Under the current rising pen system, players with more characters directly have more freedom to avoid penalties. A flat penalty system with no free pens eliminates this and puts everyone on even footing.

With all of these changes combined, a player with 1 character becomes much closer in power to a player with 5 characters, bringing the game much closer to even balance. Also, with ghosts virtually eliminated from opt-in pvp, mule abuse and other antics are also reduced. This is a major nerf to the power of owning multiple characters.

Also, one of Meridian's major problems has always been the ghost system. The ghost system allows veterans to employ their entire guild power anywhere in the world, allowing them to undo a prior lost battle & reversing the results up to 10 minutes later. Instant penalties are a massive overhaul to that broken system. With these changes, we should expect to see an uproar from those that rely on broken mechanics, and a large power shift away from big guilds & toward individuals and smaller / more skilled groups.

M59Gar added some commits Jan 2, 2013

Ghosts eliminated for opt-in pvp
Faction Soldiers and Halo War participants give each other a flag that
inflicts instant penalties upon logoff. Flag duration 5 minutes. This
eliminates a vast array of abuses that stem from safety complications
surrounding opt-in pvp.

Murderers and Outlaws get the same 5 minute flag for all combat. White
innocents never have instant pens (i.e. always get ghosts). This
counteracts PKs' initiative advantage and gives hunters a chance to
fight back.

This commit includes NO changes to penalties themselves.
Hometown Pens
All pens send player to their hometown instead of blinking them to the
center of the screen. This is intended to allow players to log back on
and continue playing, rather than be 'forced out of the game' by people
camping a zone that contains their ghost.
Penalty changes
- All pens are 1 item, 2% spells, 2% skills
- Murderers and outlaws do not double pen
- Penalties do not reduce soldier shield status
- Taking a penalty removes instant pen flag so characters don't pen


M59Gar added some commits Jan 4, 2013

Settings and Comments for ghosts/penalty changes
This adds three settings in settings.kod to enable/disable:

Hometown Penalties
Instant Penalties (for opt-in pvpers only, innocents remain the same)
Flat Penalties (all 1/2/2)

Also, comments explaining the changes.

There is also a special sound for penalties now, sent to the room in
which it happens.
Instant pens refresh health and mana
Instant penalties, if on, set health and mana to max.

This is important for balancing. If penalized players instantly return
to hometown, but don't have their health and mana back, veterans will be
able to log on a new character and simulate this benefit anyway. Normal
players will not.

Meridian59 commented Jan 5, 2013

Thanks for making those changes; I think this is getting close.

One thing I noticed is that my changes that added sounds show up as new code in your changes. I think you can fix this by an appropriate "git rebase", but I'm still a git noob, so maybe someone else can help you with that.

After the rebase, I'll do a detailed review before merging.

Royal Ballot fix (for penalties and exploits)
Ballots have always been a potential problem due to having only 2 weight
while not being stackable. These shouldn't be exploitable. Let's make
the weight 50. Players should just be using these to vote.

This was the first response tactic I thought of to the institution of
actual penalties. "I'd just carry 100 royal ballots and never drop an
important item." This item has also been instrumental for Swap mules
avoiding risk. Let's just nip all that in the bud.

Meridian59 commented Jan 5, 2013

The ballot change sounds very reasonable but this pull request is getting too big. Can you instead send separate pull requests for different unrelated changes?


M59Gar commented Jan 7, 2013

I will make separate pull requests in the future, I haven't seen a way to split this one. But these at least are definitely all related.


M59Gar commented Jan 11, 2013

Still trying to figure it out, but rebasing confuses me.


M59Gar commented Jan 13, 2013

I think this might all be correct now? I couldn't figure out rebasing so I just merged master.

@M59Gar M59Gar closed this Jan 13, 2013

@M59Gar M59Gar reopened this Jan 13, 2013


Meridian59 commented Jan 18, 2013

I haven't forgotten about this---will review when I get a chance, but it will take some time due to the size.


Meridian59 commented Jan 21, 2013

There are now 12 commits in here and I can't figure out what would happen if I merged them. Could you perhaps start over and send individual changes based off of the current master? I can review them quickly so we don't get out of sync.

@M59Gar M59Gar closed this Jan 22, 2013

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