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p5.js for iOS

Hey there! This repository is the main code for my p5.js ios app. Feel free to list any issues or contribute. There is room for a lot of improvement. If you find a bug please only file an issue. I will add it to the list below if nessecary.

I noticed there are quite some people that prefer an iPad over a laptop because of its mobility and I find myself wanting to just quickly code some idea on my iPhone as well. Sadly there wasn't a good native p5.js (or even javascript) app available and the online p5 editor on doesn't really work that well on mobile devices.

I don't know if anyone will ever bother looking at this code, but please keep in mind I am not a proffesional app creator and I therefore don't really know how things are 'suppost' to be done but rather I know how to do things in a way that they'll work.

App store

The app can be found here: Current app store version: 1.0.1 Current development version: 1.1

To do list

  • clean up code
  • check if devices memory is full

Known bugs

  • extra keyboard row appears offset on the iPhone X
  • unable to scroll in the webView
  • canvas is selectable in webView (very irritating)
  • prevent user from entering non-alphanumerical project names (as it will be a folder)

New features

  • line numbers (added in version 1.1)
  • stop button
  • Download zip file / push to github
  • Open zip file / clone from github
  • autocomplete