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program Form_Example;
Form: TForm; // Form's must be of the TForm data type.
{ Form's, by themselves, are rather boxing rectangles. The things on a form,
for example: text, buttons, pictures, etc, are called 'form components'.
Generally, their variable data type starts with a 'T' (for Type). }
A_Button: TButton; // A button, which is a form component.
// Form's must have a separate procedure to declare and initialise all of their
// variables in. You can not do everything in the main loop. This is due to
// limitations in the compiler (that is, Pascal Script) that Simba uses.
procedure InitialiseForm;
Form := TForm.Create(nil); { With this, we are assigning it to memory.
What this does is that it sets up our form and give
it its basic properties. }
{ A form's basic properties are:
* Default size is 300x300 pixels.
* To show the minimise, maximise and close buttons.
* To allow for resizing by the edges/corners.
* To have a }
Form.ShowModal; // This is what we call to show/display the form.
Params: TVariantArray;
{ This is a set of parametres to use with ThreadSafeCall (explanation below).
For example, if you had the function:
FindColor(x, y, 16777215, 0, 0, 5, 5)
the parameters would be:
(x, y, 16777215, 0, 0, 5, 5).
To put this in a TVariantArray, it would be:
[x, y, 16777215, 0, 0, 5, 5] (<- Notice the square brackets, for array). }
ThreadSafeCall('InitialiseForm', Params);
{ The parametres for this method are as follow:
(Procedure Name, Procedure Parametres)
ThreadSafeCall does exactly the same job as if you wanted to call a procedure
by its name regulalry (like DeclarePlayers;). However, we need it specifically
for forms because a form creates its own, separate process (so to speak).
Once it does this, Simba has no control over it, so it and the form will crash.
ThreadSafeCall creates a bigger link between Simba and that new process,
allowing for more control by Simba.
As you can see, our procedure to load the form is called InitialiseForm,
so that's what we want to call. There are no brackets/parenthesis in that
procedure, so there are no parametres, so we don't set the variable Params
to anything. }
// SEE "Forms FURTHEr.simba" to see how to customise forms more and actually
// show buttons, etc, on them.
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